A New Year & A New Way To Get Organized

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A New Year means that it is time to re-access, restructure and reorganize. “Reorganize” seems more applicable to my reality than “getting organized” because I am ALWAYS “getting organized”! I finally realized that I needed to go about this organization thing in a new way… the Jane way. Let me back up by saying I am a grateful recipient of the organizational benefits we have all enjoyed since Jane DeLaney’s brain posted on-line in the form of E-Mealz. My brain would have NEVER come up with her simple system for making dinner planning, budgeting and shopping such a breeze.

E-Mealz reflects the way my sister, Jane, thinks about everything… to the point, no fluff, logical, consistent, helpful, frugal, simple and good. I am nowhere near the ultra-organized person she is… but I can recognize and appreciate the essence of an organized existence, and I have learned a lot from her. I have tended to go to the dark cluttered side of— out-of-sight, out-of-mind… so keep things where I can see them! I sometimes get buried under an avalanche of mail and paperwork, and I don’t think I will ever have a color coordinated closet. (Please do not suggest FlyLady, Martha Stewart’s monthly calendar or Messies Anonymous to me.) And since I am so sentimental, I still LOVE to have all my special people (dead and alive) hanging around in frames and on my refrigerator.

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So, you wonder why I am the one writing the “Get Organized for the New Year” blog post? Well, this is the reason… I am here to REPRESENT everybody who is not a Jane DeLaney! We have hopes and dreams to be organized just like anyone else! This is why I love E-Mealz. What would I do without E-Mealz now that I know the peaceful feeling of having a stocked pantry, yummy recipes in the hopper and one tough area of life very well managed? It is enough to do the shopping and the dishes, even with all the planning, budgeting and list-making done for me! But the instruction for life I have taken from following this plan is the consistency factor required to make any important goal a reality. That is cash money in my book! All right-side-of-the-brainers everywhere need this!

But imagine my amazement to see through the years that the real core of the E-Mealz membership is a band of extremely organized, experienced meal-planners and list-makers! I guess that makes sense because Jane invented E-Mealz after searching endlessly for an on-line service that matched her personal criteria for menu planning on a strict budget for a family that included four picky teenagers. I guess all those experienced cooks, money-saving mavens and ultra-organizers have found a kindred spirit in Jane. They are the ones who really appreciate how much time and brain power is required to pull this off week after week. But there are many facets to the beauty of E-Mealz, and it is a big umbrella. There are all shapes and sizes, all sides of the brain and every level of cooking expertise in our E-Mealz “family” now. That’s what I love… it is a REAL help for everyone… organized or not!

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So, my new way of getting organized is to be more like Jane in the other areas of my life- now that she has my cooking handled. I have learned from her, and other organized people I know and love, that I have to:
1} keep things simple (for instance, make sure everything in the kitchen has an eating-related function… which fortuitously allows for my “dish-order” DNA)
2} allot plenty of time for organizing tasks (I tend to think ten minutes should accomplish a lot more than is humanly possible) and
3} equate organization with brushing my teeth (rather than getting a pedicure).

In other words, organization is a daily essential to a peaceful, functional and happy house rather than something I do to reward myself after all the other pressing responsibilities of work and life are managed. So here’s to 2011! I look forward to a very interesting and much more organized year.

What are your best organization tips?

January 2011

3 thoughts on “A New Year & A New Way To Get Organized

  1. Grace

    My best organization tip…
    Working full time and carrying 15 hours at a university…a planner with everything in it and color coded. All assignments from each class are on their due dates and highlighted in the assigned color for that class. The days I work at written in and the days I plan to shop for groceries, go on a date with hubbie, have extra classes, birthdays, anniversaries, everything is written in the planner. Things that are upcoming that I may forget are in the notes the month before with “reminder” stickers next to them.
    I love my planner.

  2. Lisa

    I have a two step process: 1.) I make sure I always have something with me to make notes. It used to be a pad of paper in my car and in my purse, now it’s my handy smartphone. 2.) At the end of the day I consolidate all of those little notes here and there (thank you Post-It) into my planner. This way all my to-do’s are in on centralized location, making it next to impossible to forget.

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