New Year, New You

eMeals helps you follow through with your resolution

2013 is here! We are all busy people and resolutions can be hard to keep. This year, let eMeals help you to get your grocery budget under control, get organized and even lose weight! For family friendly weight management, we offer Low Fat, Low Carb, Paleo, Natural and Organic, and Portion Control plans as well as a Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and Regular menu options.

eMeals will plan your weekly breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for you, so that you save time and money! Get organized, save money and lose weight— not your mind! Most importantly, eMeals can simplify your life so that you are free to enjoy your family around the dinner table. Use the discount code NEWYEAR for 15% off.

During the month of January, we will also be hosting multiple giveaways on our Facebook page. Make sure you go HERE to enter to win a Visa gift card starting 1/2!

4 thoughts on “New Year, New You

  1. Amanda

    Do any of your plans, particularly the low fat, low carb or portion control, provide the weight watchers points plus points for each dinner meal? Thanks.

  2. Pingback: If we understand the Power of Habit change is easy!

  3. Pingback: If we understand the Power of Habit change is easy!

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