New Year’s Resolutions: Mommy Style!

Image via Year! New Mommy! While ringing in the New Year, wring out whatever is holding you back.  Every year we pledge to lose weight, eat healthy, save money, spend more time with family and friends and the list goes on.  As a mom we always forgo our personal resolutions to tend to the ever-growing needs of our family and our home.

In January, E-Mealz will be sharing the top New Year’s resolutions as we prepare our community to not only make resolutions, but to follow through.  However, we didn’t want to overlook the importance of making resolutions that solely have to do with us moms.  There are so many areas as moms we overlook or would like to improve and here are a few to think about:

1.  Mommy Time:  Be kind to yourself and make time for yourself.

2.  Losing weight will make you lose your mind:  Instead of setting an amount to lose, set a time every week that you will exercise regularly.  This creates a lifestyle and good habits and gives focus on the big picture.

3.  Get Healthy by Eating Healthy:  As a mom we eat breakfast, lunch and snacks on the go.  We have little time to give our body what it needs.  Take time to sit down and eat healthy foods that give you energy to tackle your daily task.

4.  Minimize stress and get organized in the kitchen:  Whether you mount pegs for hanging, stow tools efficiently, install shelf organizers, store items by use, group by purpose or designate a cooking zone for pots and pans… Make your kitchen work for you.

5.  Last but not least, hire yourself a mental maid:  Let E-Mealz take care of your dinner planning, grocery budgeting and your sanity supper time.  It will set you free!

Challenge yourself in 2012 to make a New Year’s resolution “mommy style.” Resolve to be more kind to yourself, take better care of yourself and allow E-Mealz to help make you better in the new year.

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