No Guilt On This List

It’s exactly one month until my daughter’s wedding. Thirty days. Yikes. We’re actually doing pretty great… list, list, lists! Lists are my best friends during this wedding madness. My sweet sister-in-law tutored me in ‘the way of the list’ over the 12 years we lived in the same town. As everyone marveled at her accomplishments and pace of life, being and doing all that she was and did, I saw behind the scenes, the secret of a well-thought-out plan… and it was always accompanied by her written list. Hmm, that reminds me of the beauty of a certain menu planning service called E-Mealz with that  sweet life-organizing list… but back to wedding planning.

Casey and our wedding planner during a 'list session'

It’s truly amazing how MANY details there are. And, there could be a boat load more of them if I gave into the ‘is-this-enough-guilt-trip’ that seems to dog my steps in every area of my life. It doesn’t help either, that my girls LOVE to watch “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings” and “Platinum Weddings,” just to name a few. Or gaze hour after hour at the endless wedding blogs and websites out there.

OMGoodness… it’s too much. We waited with high anxiety for the new Anthropologie bridal website, BLHDN.  It’s incredible. It’s like a vintage-bohemian dreamland… and all bridal. Just the other day, Casey said, ‘Hey, Mom! BHLDN has a new section on their website! It’s DÉCOR!!!”… to which I screamed… ”I don’t want to see it!!!!! Don’t even think about bringing that over here!!!! We’re done! The decisions are made!” (Turns out, she peeked and declared that it underwhelmed her and not to worry…. WHEW!!!)

Mom and daughter registry shopping at Anthropologie

Really though… I have one more month with my girl. We’re together a LOT. We revised and edit our list everyday. We’re in giddyland. All of the details and creations are coming to fruition. We had the final pick of the flowers at the nursery. We’re headed to get her final fitted bridal gown tomorrow. We’re hearing from old friends who are traveling quite a distance to be with her and our family. It’s so special. Once those elements start materializing, some of the nit-picking seems quite silly.

This is treasure time for me. A treasure of time with my sweet girl… watching God prepare her heart over these next days to step into this lifetime commitment… leaving her childhood behind and becoming a woman. Our conversations are so precious and rich. She has a hungry heart for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Casey and Brandon just after graduation last week

I’m marveling at the proof of how God takes our lives, our mistakes and success and turns it into a well of wisdom and insight that can be poured out into the lives of our kids. All is redeemed. I’ve lived long enough… tripped up enough times… crawled my way back to my loving heavenly Father… found His grace and mercy, to get the ‘why’ behind the values and truths that I’ve tried to build my life on. She’s eager to cling to the things that I’ve learned and share with her. I can see the door in front of me of having this child of mine become my friend. This isn’t a time of loss, but, of tremendous gain… in so many ways.

The last thing I want to do now, is stress over details that don’t matter, or things that aren’t just ‘so’. No guilt trip for me. It’s going to be a wonderful celebration of my girl and her new man, tailor made by her creativity and imagination and pulled off by our trusty ‘list’… and I can’t wait!

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you. I might go off the radar for a little until these wedding bells have rung and this girl gets hitched. But, I’ll be back… I hear the list calling. Gotta go!

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