On the Menu: One-Pan Roasted Salmon and Vegetables

One-Pan Roasted Salmon and Vegetables | eMeals

One-pan roasting is our go-to cooking technique for busy weeknight meals. Toss everything onto a rimmed baking sheet, and let your oven do the work. So this week, file this keeper in your Recipe Box for those nights when you don’t have a lot of time to give to cooking, but you still want to serve your family a healthy meal. One-Pan Roasted Salmon and Vegetables is fancy looking (but just 10 ingredients!) and really easy to customize to suit your family’s tastes. Not a fan of yellow squash? Substitute zucchini. Want even more kick? Up the crushed red pepper. This is a versatile one-dish meal that will save a busy weeknight and keep your family from hitting up the drive-through.

time-saving-buttonNeed to speed things up even more? Use bagged fresh vegetables, such as broccoli florets and pre-sliced squash, to keep your prep time as low as can be.


Classic • Paleo • Clean Eating • Gluten Free • Low CarbMediterranean

One-Pan Roasted Salmon and Vegetables | eMeals

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