On the Menu: Skillet Chicken and Vegetables

Skillet Chicken and Vegetables | eMeals

Some recipes are so deceptively easy, you never expect them to taste as good as they do. This Skillet Chicken and Vegetables is exactly that. Sauté a handful of fresh veggies in a skillet, add just the right combination of tangy and sweet ingredients, and magic happens. Serve it with quick-cooking brown rice for a superfast, healthy meal. (And for dessert, treat yourself to these goodies!)

kitchen-buttonWe recommend using thin asparagus in this recipe, both for the pretty presentation and quick cook time. If your grocery store only has thicker asparagus, don’t fret. Just cook it a little longer, just until it’s tender.


Classic • Kid Friendly • Mediterranean

Skillet Chicken and Vegetables | eMeals

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