Our Facebook Hits the Forty Thousand Milestone!

While we were celebrating Mother’s Day, our Facebook Page “family” hit the 40,000 mark. It has only been one year and eight months since our FB launch. Wow… we have a lot of friends! Every day we receive a plate-full of well-spoken input and encouragement, field great ideas to incorporate into our services, and enjoy a glimpse into the lives of people to whom we now feel a deeper connection.

Here is a sample of recent awesome posts on our Facebook Wall ~

Adrianna Valdez-Young: E-mealz is genius! I don’t stress over supper time anymore, seriously–just awesome!!

Gerena Carley: Have to laugh, my hubby just realized that I was using the plans… he had noticed that the dinners had been changing and that we weren’t spending as much money on food over the past few months….

Jennifer Wenger King: THANK you, e-Mealz! Feeding a family of 6 – our average grocery bill (including all hair products, paper products -TP/PT, etc….) USED to average $800-$900 per month. We’ve almost HALVED the bills with e-Mealz & coupons! Last night’s (2-week shopping trip) cost $234.36-$47.56 (coupons) = $187.00 for TWO WEEKS – for our fam of SIX! WOOT WOOT! THANK you, Dave Ramsey for recommending eMealz! The portion control menu is PERFECT! Meals are healthy, kids & hubby love ’em – and bills are WAY down! YOU ROCK!

Jade Blackmon Flynn: Love, LOVE you guys! Found you about 6 weeks ago via Dave Ramsey’s FPU website. You’ve helped take our grocery budget from $500/mo to about $175/mo (using coupons as well) for our family of 4.

Holly Griffith: I print my E-Mealz shopping list. I compare it online to the Homeland ad. I still clip a few coupons but have found I can save so much time by printing my own coupons. Since Homeland doubles coupons up to $1 I have saved 45% every week for the last 4 weeks I’ve used the savings to pay off 4 bills so far I think Dave would call that Gazelle intensity.

Christina Linville-Baker: This is my first week using e-mealz, and i love it. I don’t have to stress out over what to make – its all thought out for me. Thank you!!!

Joann Quintero: Tonight’s dinner was from last week’s Portion Control/Wal-Mart Plan. Chicken Dijon, rice, and broccoli w/ cheese. I’ve been using the plan since starting WW 3 weeks ago. I’m down 6 lbs. The first thing I do is measure out one serving and set it aside for the following day’s lunch. I ♥ e-mealz!

Nicki Wright: You will LOVE the grocery lists. You will LOVE the lower bill. And you will LOVE how you don’t have TONS of extras in your pantry you don’t need!

Mindy Browning: Decided since life has slowed down a bit, to plan my own meals, like I used to. It just wasn’t the same, my recipes don’t include as many fresh fruits and veggies and we ended up eating out THREE times, back to my list this week and LOVIN’ it!

Debra McNabb: For my family of 7, we have cut total weekly walmart bill (ie food and non-food combined) down to less than 250 instead of 350.
…More variety
Better balanced
Less planning

Thank you…

Melanie Belew Schlievert: I am loving my subscription to the low-carb family plan. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes several months ago and has not been doing a good job of eating properly – especially at night. Several weeks ago he mentioned wanting to do a weekly low-carb dinner menu. I immediately remembered hearing you guys on the radio a couple of years ago. Supper time is so much more relaxed and easy now – as well as my weekly grocery trips. We are finding some “favorites” to replace some of the menus we don’t care for quite as much. I wish I had done this a long time ago!

Thanks to everyone who makes everyday a new adventure for us. You give each other  and us great input and brighten our days on Facebook. All the kind expressions of concern regarding the terrible tornado that impacted our community have meant so much to us all.

If you are not a part of our Facebook, please join us! www.facebook.com/emealz

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