Outside my Kitchen Window: A Look into our E-Mealz Staff’s View

When I was asked to do an “Out my Kitchen Window” post, I was a little concerned about what to even take a picture of.  Normally we have plenty of foliage on the trees and my plants are thriving in the back yard.  However, this time of year the leaves get sparse and the plants can’t handle the cold weather.  Usually I enjoy looking out my kitchen window at this time of year at our bird feeder which has had visitors including finches, woodpeckers, cardinals, and sparrows.  The birds keep me entertained while I’m cooking for my family.

Recently our 5 year old cat, Ginger, has taken up residence by the bird feeder and therefore the birds aren’t very frequent anymore.  Our cat is a keeper though, so I guess I’ll have to do without the birds for a while.  What do you see when you look out your kitchen window while cooking for your family?

Stacy Hudson has been our office manager for the past 3 years, and is affectionately called our office fairy.  Stacy is married to Gary and has two boys Heath (18) & Trace (17).

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2 thoughts on “Outside my Kitchen Window: A Look into our E-Mealz Staff’s View

  1. Debbi Pease

    What a beautiful cat!! The view out my kitchen window is my neighbors back yard and some trees, sometimes I get to see the squirrels as they run through the trees, other than that it’s pretty boring. LOL That’s okay, I’ve got a great view indoors of my son playing, singing, dancing or any of the other things he’s into while I”m cooking… and considering a few years ago I did not know if he’d ever talk, he has autism and was non-verbal until just over two years ago, it’s one view that I”m grateful for daily!

  2. Sue

    No snow and sunshine! And for WI in January that’s a really welcome sight. I also see birds and the squirrels in the trees, but one sad thing too. My neighbor’s empty house as they moved away this past weekend. I never realized how much I welcomed the activity of their dogs outside, the lights on in the evening next door and knowing there was someone close by if a need ever came up (I’m cooking for just me). Their empty house next door is a reminder to pray for them as they rebuild their lives after job loss, medical problems and finally this foreclosure.

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