Over 10 Years Ago… (eMeals 10 Year Anniversary Party!)


Jane DeLaney, president and founder of eMeals, is sharing a little bit about eMeals and our 10 years in business today on our blog. We had an amazing 10 year anniversary party for all the employees in Birmingham and we wanted to share a little bit of the fun and special memories with our community. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see some more of the pictures.

Over 10 years ago, eMeals began with an idea in my head and a crumpled up five-dollar bill I found in my pocket in 2003. I took that seed money to my local bank and optimistically and naively opened a business account. That five dollars has become a metaphor for the negligible monthly subscriber fee, as well as for financial freedom and strengthened family connections all across America!

In reality, eMeals began many years before that day, when as a young child, I enjoyed dinnertime with my family as a predictable part of life. As one of five children, raised by our loving parents, I do marvel now and ask, how did they do it? How did they raise  a strong family, and on such a tight budget? Now, as their grown children, we are trying to do the same, holding on to the strongest threads that we can remember.

Now I marvel that the original idea and the five-dollar bill has grown from 100 subscribers to a ½ million member community of parents and people who have purposed together to make family dinner happen. Our desire at eMeals is to see this simple $5 service be a family tool that ignites this gift of dinnertime, strengthening the heart of the home for generations to come.

eMeals Inspiration

I know many moms today who would agree that our current generation is eclipsing that last of many generations of women, women who were, literally, the salt of the earth. My mom, Mommy Martha, is one of those women. It is a rich culture of home cooking and home life that feels like sand quickly falling through our fingers. Cooking together, eating together, enjoying each other together over real food. It brings life, warmth, and stirs love into our families in daily doses.

For TEN years now eMeals has brought together its own society!  We have drawn together thousands of moms and dads from all walks of life who value the daily dose of home cooking and want to do the best they can to make it happen. It is not easy. Along with you, I want to be in that league of generations gone-by that preserves the life and love of home around the conversation, time spent, and laughter over the family table. These moments will not come again! Our children and loved ones are with us for such a brief season, so join the eMeals league along with me, Mommy Martha, and all who enter.  Thank you for being in this league, on this team. Let’s cook, love, and live like there’s no tomorrow!

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party9

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party7

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party 3

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party4

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party5

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party8



eMeals 10th Anniversary Party

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party6

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party 2

eMeals 10th Anniversary Party

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