Paleo Challenge


7-Day Paleo Challenge

Are you ready to start eating healthier but just aren’t sure where to start? Our 7 Day Paleo Challenge gives you a game plan, recipes, and a practical way to get in the habit of eating better. The Paleo way of eating is a lifestyle based on the goal to remove all processed foods from your diet and eating the way that cavemen do.

What Can Paleo Do for You?

·      Help control your weight

A diet high in protein from meat and eggs and high in fiber from fruits and vegetables can help you feel full longer while eating fewer calories and stabilizes your blood sugar to help avoid cravings.

·      Improve athletic performance

Popular among strength training and high intensity athletes, the Paleo diet is rich in protein and healthy fats and includes complex carbohydrates from fruits andvegetables that proponents claim maximizes performance in the gym.

·      Stay energized all day

By avoiding refined carbohydrates and caffeine, you’ll stay energized throughout the day and avoid the “afternoon slump.”

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