Poor Man’s Brie

Appetizer, E-MealzAre you ready to make one of the easiest appetizers you’ve ever made before and not compromise taste? Of course you are; that’s why you like E-Mealz!  Not to mention the fact, that this comes just in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday! Every time I make Poor Man’s Brie people ask for the recipe and then can’t believe how simple it is!  Not to mention, it’s cheap to make….as if you couldn’t tell from the title.  I have made it for showers, small group gatherings, etc. It’s a really non-fussy recipe. I usually use reduced fat items and have used different kinds of cheese types as well as flavor. So just make it according to your preferences and enjoy your stress-free results. Linked to: Tempt my Tummy Tuesday, Tasty Tuesday

Poor Man’s Brie 1 large pkg of crescent rolls

Cheddar cheese

1 block of cream cheese


Lay out half of the crescent rolls flat. Put a layer of cheddar cheese on top of crescent rolls. Top this with the block of cream cheese.
Add another layer of cheddar cheese on the cream cheese. Add the other half of crescent rolls on top.  Put some spices on top of this like oregano, basil, or mixed up salt….just something to add a little kick.  Bake according to crescent roll package directions. Serve immediately w crackers.
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5 thoughts on “Poor Man’s Brie

    1. Heather Brown

      Hi Rachel & Melissa,
      That’s the beautiful thing about this recipe, it really doesn’t matter if the cheese is shredded, slices, cubed or anything in between! Since it’s all melting together anyway and no one sees it sandwiched between the crescent rolls, it’s basically whatever you have on hand. I’ve even used Monterrey Jack & Colby just depending on what I had on hand at the time. I usually do about 8 oz of cheese.

  1. Melissa

    I just put a link on my blog to this great recipe! It’s also on a “link-up” for great super bowl food! I hope that’s ok! I do not take credit for the recipe, I just send them here! Thanks.

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