One Easy, Practical Way to Get Your Family on the Same Page

Family Wish List Printable

It’s amazing how quickly simple miscommunications can spiral your home out of control. Your kids forgot to tell you that they’re supposed to bring a snack for a class party tomorrow and you’re running to the store at 11 pm like a mad woman. Your son tells you right as you’re heading out the door one morning that you ran out of dog food yesterday. Someone is complaining because you ran out of granola bars for afterschool snacks. We can all relate, and the result too often is that our sanity slips away little by little.

With this printable checklist, you can eliminate the need for those late-night grocery runs and temper tantrums. Call a family meeting and explain the importance of timeliness and how the checklist is to be used. Set a deadline by which all requests must be added to the list before the weekly grocery shopping trip. This not only gives a sense of order for you, but also instills responsibility in your children and teaches them organization.

Click here to download your free printable family wish list.

This printable is a great supplement to your eMeals meal plans for snacks, desserts, supplies or anything else your family needs. Not familiar with eMeals? Try our free 14-day trial!

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7 thoughts on “One Easy, Practical Way to Get Your Family on the Same Page

  1. Christian

    I love this and used to use something similar so that anyone could add items to the list. But with the various aps out there and smartphones and tablets, it is easier than ever to use an ap like Grocery IQ and each person in your house can share the list. That way if my husband is running to the store after work, he has the updated list already on his phone. I love emeals, but I wish the grocery list could be imported into a grocery ap, or maybe emeals could produce their own allowing people to pick and choose which of the 7 meals they are going to make and only adding the needed grocery items. Overall, thanks so much for an awesome service!

  2. Jessica Lindsay

    I completely agree with Christian. I love e-meals and it has saved me alot of meal planning time. I was encouraged when the survey came out asking for feedback and a few weeks later new meal plans were introduced. I was bummed my family wouldn’t stick to the paleo plan but it was fun to be able to try something new for a while and switch back whenever we wanted. There are so many possiblities with apps and costomization and I think the basic idea of e-meals is wonderful. I’m sure this may already be in the works-but for the app-if you could rate meals you liked and have them repeated every now and then, that would be great. I’ve been saving them in a binder so far. Thanks e-meals! Looking forward to even more improvements!

  3. Jenifer Campbell

    We Love Emeals! Another concept that I would LOVE to see implemented is a way to get coupon savings with Emeals. I use other websites to get coupon information (what’s on sale where), yet the items on sale don’t always coordinate with evening meals planned on Emeals. I know it could be a huge undertaking, but imagine how we could all save even more!

  4. Mary

    I would like to see a way to organize our emeals dinners by meat, beef, chicken, or pork. In the past I thought you had something similar of a way to organize these meals but I haven’t been able to find it. I do have them done by date but sometimes the date isn’t always easy to remember. Any ideas on this? Thank you.

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