Project Lunchbox: 3 Tips to Make Packing Lunch Easier

    1. Stock up on disposable plastic cups with lids. They’re inexpensive, and great for packing dips, peanut butter, granola, or anything else you can imagine. Best of all, skip the washing and just throw them away after each use. Purchase at WalMart stores, or online here: You can also find biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cups online here:
    2. Utilize leftovers. Have leftover cooked meat or raw veggies? Stuff it in a sandwich. Leftover cooked pasta or rice? Add salad dressing and a few veggies to make a grain salad. Leftover beans? Mash them with lemon juice and spices to make a sandwich spread or dip for veggies. Making use of leftovers will help stretch your food budget and add some variety to the lunchbox menu.
    3.  Switch it up with hot meals. Is your child sick of sandwiches? Invest in a thermos so you can pack soup, spaghetti, or stew with ease. Before filling the thermos with hot food, fill it with boiling water to preheat. Just allow the boiling water to warm the thermos while you heat the food, pour out the water, and fill.

Make sure you check out our new lunch menu to make lunch planning even easier as well!

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3 thoughts on “Project Lunchbox: 3 Tips to Make Packing Lunch Easier

  1. Lindsay

    The dollar store sells 10 packs of small containers with lids. Reusable containers cost less over time and keep extra junk out of landfills.

  2. Autumn

    Or how about some reusable containers for quick and easy lunch packing that will save money in the long run and not destroy the environment!

  3. Susan Hutchinson

    I am not a fan of cheap disposable plastic. Not only is it full of harsh chemicals; it is wasteful. Try using Tupperware, not only are their products chemical free, they have a lifetime warranty. Buy once, and use forever!!

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