eMeals Ambassador: Q&A with Busy Mom and Paleo Subscriber Amanda Knerr

Q & A with busy mom and Paleo fan Amanda Knerr | eMeals

We love highlighting our eMeals friends, and today we want to introduce you to Amanda Knerr. When she’s not spending time with her husband and three daughters or training for her next Tough Mudder race, Amanda is the Executive Director of the Birmingham, AL-based Hope for Autumn Foundation, which raises money for families battling childhood cancer and for childhood cancer research.

How long have you used eMeals?

We’ve been subscribers since late 2010, and we currently use the Paleo Family Plan. Prior to Paleo, we used the Clean Eating Family Plan.

How did you plan meals before trying eMeals?

I had always done some sort of weekly menu planning, but it was time consuming. I would set aside a day to go through cookbooks, magazines, and websites to make my menu and list for the week, then do the actual shopping.

Q & A with busy mom and Paleo fan Amanda Knerr | eMeals

What encouraged you to try eMeals for the first time?

My oldest daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 6, and after a very difficult battle has been cancer free for 4 years. As a result, I knew we had to make changes to the way we were eating.

I thought I was doing pretty well feeding my family healthy, nutritious foods, and as mentioned, I was already doing the work of meal planning. But when I found out about eMeals, I was thrilled because we could use the Clean Eating Family Plan, plus it gave me back a few precious hours per week.

Q & A with busy mom and Paleo fan Amanda Knerr | eMeals

Explain your transition to the Paleo Family Plan?

I started researching the Paleo diet and found that it focuses on decreasing inflammation in your body. I wanted to give my family the best chance possible at having a healthy immune system. For my oldest daughter especially, I wanted her to be primed to fight any cancer cells floating around, rather than being run down by inflammation.

We have eaten a Paleo diet for three years now. The transition with three young children wasn’t easy or overnight. So many people will say to me, “My kids would never eat that.” And mine wouldn’t at first, either. With a lot of patience, offering items several times, and only having those types of foods in our house, our kids are now incredible eaters.

We also caught flack from people thinking we were putting our kids on a diet. But the nutrient-dense food they eat is so much better for them than packaged, sugary snacks and processed foods.

We are not perfect, but we base our in-home meals and food purchases around the Paleo diet. And I have realized that I can’t (and don’t want to) control what the kids eat outside of our house, at birthday parties, restaurants, etc. Hopefully one day they will want to make the same food choices for themselves.

What’s more, while the Paleo diet tends to be more expensive, we have definitely save money using eMeals. Having a detailed shopping list at the grocery store is so helpful.

Q & A with busy mom and Paleo fan Amanda Knerr | eMeals

How has eMeals influenced your meal planning from a health standpoint?

I find that if I have all of the ingredients for a week’s worth of healthy meals already in the house, the meals will get made, and we will not succumb to takeout, delivery, or going out to eat. The great thing about eMeals is that the recipes are quick and easy, and I can adjust the menu based on our after-school activities (slow-cooker meals on nights I know we won’t be home in the afternoon, etc)!

Many of my friends are amazed that I cook every night and have stuck to Paleo for this long. I admit, our motivation is strong, having dealt with childhood cancer. But with a bit of planning, it is so doable and takes stress out of wondering each day what is going to be for dinner.

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-By Scott Jones

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