Ready for College & Jake’s Last Dinner Request

Bacon Cobb Pitas

1 pkg pita bread
12 oz pkg sliced bacon – cooked & crumbled
6 hard boiled eggs – diced
1 to 2 c shredded cheddar
½+ lb smoked sliced ham – chopped
1 large cucumber, sliced thin
Ranch dressing

Cut pitas in half and keep warm. To assemble pita sandwiches, add bacon, diced eggs, ham, cucumbers, cheese and dressing. Serve w/ chips.

My son Jake has been eating E-mealz dinners for 8 years straight! I asked him what 2 meals he wanted right before we leave tomorrow to take him to college, and this was his ‘8 Year Grand Finale’ answer:

Bacon Cobb Pitas


So Good Chicken Enchiladas

Both of these recipes still continue to float on our E-mealz plans. I thought I would share the Pita recipe as a great summer meal – and easy too.

This picture is of Jake getting ready to eat Chicken Enchiladas. He looks so poised and behaved. Um, not. He is exercising every bit of remaining time he can find to tease and pester his 3 sisters, and me. Right after asking/begging him to pose for this picture, he grabbed his sister’s calculus homework paper and wiped his mouth on it! On his graduation night we took him to a nice restaurant for dinner where he proceeded to secretly fill his sisters shoes with sugar under the table. The fact that we laugh at his shenanigans is not very smart. But we do anyway.

Sister’s homework survived the mouth wiping

Dinnertime at the DeLaney house would not be fitting for Emily Post. We laugh a lot, cut up in between a mouth full, and usually it’s the jokester-Jake that stirs it up. It won’t be the same without our Jake here.

We already miss you, Jake!

5 thoughts on “Ready for College & Jake’s Last Dinner Request

  1. Barbie Burroughs

    Wow, what a coincidence–your Jake is leaving for college and so is our grandson, Josh. Your blog talked about all of the shinanigans that you laugh at with Jake and how Ms. Post wouldn’t ‘like’. I know the feelings that you talk about all too well, and I hope you continue as long as God allows. What wonderful memories you are making!!
    I love these recipes so much, and will share them ASAP with Josh. Thank you. You see, 3 yrs. ago, we lost our Jake in a DWI accident. He was a budding 18 yr. old, full of love and shinanigans towards his 2 brothers. So when I saw your son’s name and story, it brought back many sweet memories, also.
    I wish you all a wonderful new year of college, and we’ll have the same, God willing. BB

  2. Susan

    I too have a child off to college – our first. We had her last dinner two nights ago and she is traveling to her dorm right now as I type – sad but exciting time –

  3. Jamie

    My Jake started his senior year…and he never would think of something so clever to fix himself for dinner. I need to start training him steps.. for next year. And I am most impressed by the neatness of your daughter’s home work. (Guess that’s why I never excelled at Calculus.)

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