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In our last “Get Healthy” post  we shared how to determine how many calories you really need each day. Once you know how many total calories you need, figure out how to split them up among meals and snacks throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be the exact same every day or the same at each meal. If you tend to eat a larger dinner and lighter lunch, then allow more calories for dinner and less for lunch. If you prefer 2 snacks per day, then allow calories for those snacks.

Easy Sheet to Record Your Calorie GoalsPrint out our Calorie Goal Sheet and fill it in based on your personal calorie limit. Post you goal sheet on the refrigerator or somewhere where you’ll see it. When you choose foods, think about how they fit into your calorie goals for each meal and the day as a whole. Posting your goals in a visible place will help you stay on track and make smart choices.

It’s recommended to try to keep your “empty calories,” including calories from soda and dessert, to less than 10% of your total calorie goals. Keep this in mind when allotting calories for dessert. It’s okay to enjoy sweets occasionally, but try to abide by the 10% rule overall.

Here’s an example based on a 1800 calorie intake:

Breakfast: 350 calories

Snack: 200 calories

Lunch: 400 calories

Snack: 200 calories

Dinner: 500 calories

Dessert: 150 calories

Total: 1800 calories

eMeals offers several dinner plan options, as well as a new Healthy Breakfast plan and a Healthy Lunch plan to help you get healthy in 2013.

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