Repeat the Sounding Joy

Here at E-Mealz we want to repeat the sounding joy of the birth of our Savior. We celebrate this Christmas with grateful hearts the gift of love and salvation that came to us years ago wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Christ the Savior was born. And with the angel’s voices, God’s great love echoed to each one of us.

In my home this Christmas season, I want the joy of God’s love to be repeated over and over. In the quiet moments I want to hear the faint echo of those angels singing.

In the midst of the noise and flurry I want to feel the thrill of hope, the eternal hope that came that night in Bethlehem.

Even in moments of sorrow and loss, Christmas is when the weary world rejoices and is reminded of the amazing love and compassion of God.

Let time stand still this Christmas for you and your loved ones.

Draw near to our Savior in the heart of your home. Gather close to hear the heartbeat of God’s love cradled in His one and only Son. Make your home a nativity where love for others is reborn, where forgiveness is renewed and Christ the Savior is invited.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given.”

Have a blessed Christmas – from all of our hearts here at E-Mealz,

Jane DeLaney


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One thought on “Repeat the Sounding Joy

  1. jonathan

    Hi, I love this concept. My only issue is that my wife has a dairy alergy. She is specifically alergic to the casein protein found in many products. I know it’s very specific but any help creating a plan around this would be fantastic!

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