Road Trip {& Ralph’s!} on Route 66

How does a mom get to spend an uninterrupted week with her twenty-one year old college senior son? Route 66! That’s how! When Brock got accepted to a do a semester in Hollywood for film school, we started mapping out our road trip so that he would have a car while he is living in LA.

We could see that we would pick up Route 66 in Oklahoma, but we didn’t realize what that meant. Neither one of us had seen this stretch of our country from the road, having only flown over and never having been to many of the destinations we saw along the way.

We agreed that our first stop, short of picking up Route 66, had to be Memphis. We enjoyed Memphis-style dry-rubbed ribs at BB Kings Blues Club on Beale Street to kick off a week of Good Food Moments (GFM). And wouldn’t you know, the Elvis Impersonation World Championship was being held at our hotel!

Then we headed to Oklahoma. Brock’s first cousin’s Grandparents were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing, so we found the memorial just after the full moon rose behind the steeple of the church that shadows the footprint of the building that no longer stands.

We were both moved by the thoughtful way the architect created the space to bring you immediately into a place of remembrance, honor, resolution, reflection and hope. We were so thankful to have the opportunity to experience this beautiful space.

Leaving Oklahoma through the northern part of Texas, we started realizing that A LOT of America is wide open spaces, and very dry. We enjoyed the changing scenery and entered the desert spaces that we never see in the Eastern side of the country.

The mesa, mountains and pueblos of New Mexico were a fascinating surprise, and we spent a day of art-life-inspiration and a green chili “GFM” in Santa Fe. A trip highlight was a breath-taking sunset view and delectable home-cooked (and grilled) GFM at a friend’s adobe house.

In Arizona, we hopped off Route 66 to enjoy Sedona, and of course…

… the Grand Canyon! Amazing. So many surprises around every crook in the path along the rim, but we felt like we were looking at a hologram. It is hard to take in what you are actually seeing!

Back on Route 66, we made it through the Mojave Desert… 101 degrees at night! We were approaching our destination ~ HOLLYWOOD!

We both felt that our biggest surprise in LA was the relaxed atmosphere and the easy kindness of everyone we met. We thought Southerners had a corner on the hospitable and laid-back market! There seemed to be Ralph’s everywhere you look, so I was extremely pleased to know that we have an E-Mealz Ralph’s Plan for all our peeps who live in LA. Of course, we shopped at Ralph’s for all his groceries!

Finally, we had to complete our Route 66 road trip by finding the very end at the Santa Monica Pier. After some car trouble, exits with no water, a slightly scary hotel on Sunset Blvd and a whole week together, we felt a huge sense of accomplishment and new level of appreciation for each other.

But the many GFMs, dinner dialogues, new friends and joyful surprises made for a memorable trip for this grateful mom!




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4 thoughts on “Road Trip {& Ralph’s!} on Route 66

  1. Marie

    Your trip sounds spectacular! What mom wouldn’t love to have an opportunity like that! I’m just browsing through your blog for the first time. Excited about the e-mealz program. VERY excited!

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