Homemade Versions of Go-To Household Items

By now, most of our kids are back in school. We’re starting to finally settle back into the routine of the alarm clock going off earlier, getting the kids on the bus with backpack, homework, and lunch in hand. However, your wallet may not have rebounded from the back to school shopping trips as quickly as your schedule came bounding back.

With this in mind, we created some homemade alternatives to help you save up to $250 this school year! Not only do you get the benefit of the price break, but you get to know exactly what ingredients are in your products and foods. Read on below to get the recipes for all the homemade products that can save you a bundle!

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One thought on “Homemade Versions of Go-To Household Items

  1. Maggie

    Every time I try to click on any of these links it brings up a page that says “404 nothing found”. I am very interested in these great ideas, but disappointed I cannot view them.

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