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We know, we know, it’s hard to believe the summer is actually nearing a close. Soon the kids will be back in school, summer vacations will come to a close, and fall & football season will be upon us. In order to give you a jump start on all your back to school activities that are coming up we have an arsenal of tools to help you out this year. To kick off our Back to School Bash, we’re sharing some of our best tips for saving some bucks on your back to school supplies.

  • Plan out your budget for each child including back to school supplies and clothing. Keep this in mind and try to avoid going over it. Just knowing what you can afford to spend and staying within that budget should help you keep your spending under control.
  • Once you’ve determined the budget, have a conversation with your children before going shopping so they are aware of the parameters that have been set. It helps them to learn about budgeting as well.
  • Make a list and stick to it! Make each child list out the clothes they need. Then have them assess the back to school list your school provides and add on anything extra they may need to help everyone be more prepared for what the costs should be.
  • Before you ever step foot out of the door, see what supplies you already have in your home. Check those items off the list so you don’t buy in excess.
  • Find out if your state has a tax free weekend around back to school and try to buy the majority of your supplies then. For instance, Alabama’s tax free weekend is Aug 3-5, just in time for all those school supplies and clothes!
  • If you have extra money in your budget, go ahead and stock up on extra school supplies to tide your children over for the rest of the school year while prices are deeply discounted.
  • Start setting aside a few extra dollars each paycheck from now until you go shop to help alleviate the pain of one felll swoop to your checking account.
  • Look at frugal bloggers who matchup sales and coupons for you on some of the cheapest school supplies around at stores like CVS, Staples, Walgreens and more. For instance, check out this list updated twice weekly from Faithful Provisions.What are your best tips for saving money on back to school supplies?
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    Most people get over budget, because they buy new things which they already have, like backpack, lunch boxes and stuff like that. If they buy only needed things, then surely instead of getting over they will save some money.

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