Say Goodbye to Summer Boredom

E-Mealz, summer boredomThe anticipation of summer coming brings lots of excitement for everyone.   The most excited are the kids who are ready to be out of school.  They can’t wait for the “do nothing” days until the “do nothing “ days actually come.  The boredom kicks in towards the middle of the summer when the newness wears off and they have run out of things to do.  For all you moms and dads out there that are tired of hearing the words “I’m bored” here are some easy activities that help those summer days pass with a little more fun and a lot less complaining.

Dough Art  (non-edible)

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup of salt

1 cup of water

Food Coloring Optional

Mix flour and salt and gradually add in water.  You do not want the dough too sticky.  Once mixed, knead dough 7-10 minutes.  Use your favorite cookie cutters or other tools to create your favorite design.  You may air dry or bake at 325 degrees on an oil covered cookie sheet, bake ½ hour for each ¼ inch thickness or until golden.    Once cooled completely, use craft paint to decorate your art.

Silly Putty (non-edible)

2 parts Elmer’s glue

1 part liquid starch

Food Coloring Optional

1 craft stick

Mix two parts Elmer’s glue with one part liquid starch.  Add food coloring if desired. Mix well in a cup using a craft stick first. It will be stringy! Then place the mixture in your hands and play with it. Add a little liquid starch if it continues to stick to your hands. The mixture will eventually be able to be handled without sticking to your hands.  It will be solid and bounce.  You may color with markers if you did not add food coloring.

Soap Crayons (non-edible)

Ivory Snow


Food coloring

Ice cube trays, molds or cookie cutters

Mix two parts ivory snow with 1 part water until thick and creamy.  Add food coloring or tempera for coloring.  Pour into ice cube trays, molds or cookie cutters.  Allow hardening, and using as crayons in the bathtub!

If you want to really get creative, visit you local arts and craft store to add fun and creative accessories to these activities.   Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Summer Boredom

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  2. Laycee

    What a cute idea. With 3 little ones at home, Im always looking for ideas.
    Another one is to take 2 equally pieces of wax paper and sandwich a bunch of different color crayon shavings in between them. Iron the two wax papers together so they melt the crayons in between. Then let your kids cut shapes and stuff to make stained glass hangings for their windows.

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