Slash Your Grocery Bill with Our New Budget Friendly Meal Plan

Slash your grocery bill to $85/week with the eMeals Budget Friendly meal plan #eMealsEats

Whether your bills are keeping you awake at night or you simply live by the motto that it’s nifty to be thrifty, here’s a new way to keep a lid on food costs. Our new Budget Friendly Meal Plan stretches the savings even more by helping you put dinner on the table for an average of $85 a week—all without sacrificing flavor, variety, nutrition or the cooperation of picky eaters.

This new meal plan uses shelf-stable items, frozen foods and value cuts of meat to create the thriftiest meal plan around. No leftovers here. Menus include a family-friendly mix of weeknight favorites, pantry meals, hearty soups and stews, and meatless dinners. One 5-pound whole chicken, for example, might double as the protein in recipes like Easy Chicken Shepherd’s Pie and Pulled Chicken Salad. Leftover Smoky Beef Chili from one dinner might become the topping for Classic Chili Dogs later in the week.

3 Benefits of Budget-Friendly Eating

  1. You Plan, You Save—A well-stocked pantry of everyday, easy-to-find ingredients saves you time and trips to the grocery store.
  2. Create Your Own Convenience Food—From homemade broths and seasoned rice mixes to flavorful spice blends, you can make and store plenty of practical tools to jump-start meals and pump up the flavor.
  3. Less Waste, Less Stress—Our recipes utilize lots of multiuse items like large bags of frozen veggies and handy canned goods to maximize your grocery dollars by limiting spoilage.

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-Text by Scott Jones

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