Sweet Potato Apple Crisp

After hubby and I went on a date to an Urban Farm Dinner, our farm-to-table experience inspired me to recreate my favorite dish: the dessert – a squash and apple bake.

Since I didn’t have squash I substituted sweet potato to create a Sweet Potato Apple Crisp!

sweet potato apple crisp

Welcome to one of our bloggers, A Year with Mom & Dad, who is sharing her delicious farm to table healthier dessert recipe today! Read on to see what she has to say about it.

I made this recipe to bring to my local mom’s group breakfast potluck… and! It won the Silver Spoon award for best recipe of the day! YAY!

This Sweet Potato Apple Crisp is a pretty standard “crisp” recipe I assimilated from various recipes I’ve used over the years! For those who like to just throw things together, this is basically apples + sweet potatoes + oatmeal crisp topping.

And for those who need a recipe to follow, find the full recipe here.

With prep and baking time, it takes about 90 minutes to make. Try cooking it during dinner to serve hot as a dessert. Or, make the night before and just warm up for breakfast the next day!

sweet potato apple crisp

Julie Kieras is a former teacher-turned-mom from Connecticut, where she spends her days loving and wrangling two energetic boys with her husband. She enjoys finding new recipes (that actually work!), reading, writing, running, and sharing her life and faith with readers on her blog, A Year With Mom and Dad.

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