Clean Eating Jump Start Guide

Complete the 7 day challenge with the Jump Start Guide. Includes:
  • Clean Eating Overview
  • Weekly Meal Plan Outline
  • Seven Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast Recipes

Feeding Generation Y

Yes, generation Y gets the candy bar in the grocery store line and eating out is not an occasion but a habit. A “Happy Meal” was primo fast food for me as a child but is now beneath Gen Y ‘ers. Their pallets are much more refined, yet I didn’t know what a “pallet” was until I was grown. Kids turn packages over to read the nutrition content and enjoy gourmet, organic, and vegetarian options. “Don’t be a food snob!” you may hear me bark to my kids. “Go fix a PB&J for crying out loud!”

{Jon Acuff} Bringing Dinner Back Week #6 ~ The thing about knives.

Week 6 of the dinner challenge is here! After a pitiful showing by me last week, I’m back with a better record. And a new story about something I learned in the kitchen. Something I never expected. Something that surprised me. I’m talking about knives.

What we learned: Smart lessons about sharp knives

I’d love to exaggerate and say that I’m one of those husbands who regularly cooks dinner. I’d like to pretend that sometimes I just surprise the whole family with a soufflé I baked. Or that for our anniversary I put together some sort of seven course meal by hand. Seasoned with love.

But the truth is, I am a rank amateur when it comes to cooking. I can barely scramble an egg. I am lost in the kitchen. In college I once ate jalapeno poppers for three months straight. Then, I met E-Mealz.