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{Jon Acuff} Bringing Dinner Back Week #6 ~ The thing about knives.

Week 6 of the dinner challenge is here! After a pitiful showing by me last week, I’m back with a better record. And a new story about something I learned in the kitchen. Something I never expected. Something that surprised me. I’m talking about knives.

What we learned: Smart lessons about sharp knives

I’d love to exaggerate and say that I’m one of those husbands who regularly cooks dinner. I’d like to pretend that sometimes I just surprise the whole family with a soufflé I baked. Or that for our anniversary I put together some sort of seven course meal by hand. Seasoned with love.

But the truth is, I am a rank amateur when it comes to cooking. I can barely scramble an egg. I am lost in the kitchen. In college I once ate jalapeno poppers for three months straight. Then, I met E-Mealz.

Jon Acuff is Bringing Dinner Back! Week #2: Better dinners through bigger stories.

Today marks the end of week two of the dinner challenge. (You can read about the first week “Dinner Unplugged” right here.) This week, we decided to mix it up a little and in addition to eating together, add a “family game” to the mix. My five-year-old will crush you at UNO given the chance so we tend to avoid that particular game. Here’s what we ended up doing instead.

Jon Acuff is Bringing Dinner Back! Week #1: Dinner, unplugged.

My marriage is better, when my wife and I spend lots of time together.

That’s shocking, right? Who knew that being connected, connected you? Who knew that hanging out, talking and making time for each other were critical parts of growing a healthy marriage? I am dropping some bombs today!

Great marriages don’t just happen. And neither do great families.

Days gets busy. Schedules pull at the seams of the fabric of family life. Soccer practice, business trips, after work meetings, the list of things that compete for our time is extensive. That’s why a few weeks ago on my blog, Stuff Christians Like, I decided I wanted to bring dinner back. More than just wish and hope my family had time for each other, I decided we would make time for each other. Starting with dinner.

Jon Acuff’s New Idea~ “I’m bringing dinner back.”

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Jon Acuff, author of Stuff Christians Like, was about to launch a “wicked” crazy idea he has been tossing around in his brain-on-fire. Well… here it is! This is an excerpt from today’ post on his blog.

“Sometimes, I think our culture views having dinner together as a family as something that’s “old fashioned.” That might have worked for Norman Rockwell and Little House on the Prairie, but those butter churning, corn cobb pipe whittlin’ days are long behind us. The modern family is too busy to connect at the table like that anymore.” Jon Acuff

Where Gazelles & Stepping Babies Gather…

Dave Ramsey keeps preaching his message to the endless streams of struggling Americans. His “Baby Steps” are such a huge practical help to so many people toward financial freedom, and the art on display around the building illustrates the glee with which people shred their credit cards and assemble the pieces into collages for his entertainment. We love that E-Mealz is a perfect fit into any level of Dave’s program, and helps so many of his listeners toward their financial and family goals along the way. And we love that Dave gets E-Mealz… even though he doesn’t cook!

Cooking Tips from Jon Acuff

I’m not a great cook. I can fry eggs, barely. I say barely because the other day I had to make scrambled eggs for my five-year-old McRae. Turns out she only likes egg whites. I’m not sure who told a five-year-old it was possible to separate whites from the yolk, but I am not terribly pleased with this person. Things were going well until I put the butter in the pan for too long and it kind of burned. Then when I dropped the eggs in, instead of fluffing up to a winter sky white perfection, they turned dark gray. They looked like a pan full of really depressing Counting Crows songs.

Meet Jon Acuff!

Jon Acuff is someone we can relate to… he is a preacher’s kid! That is a quirky club of instant understanding. But Jon has figured out how to turn the table on all the noses mushed up against the glass house in which most preacher’s kids grow up. His blog, Stuff Christians Like, is a hilarious twist on the funny side of faith that challenges thinking people with brilliant wit and a side-hug.