Take Charge of Meal Planning & Organize Like a Pro

When we decided to share with you our love for organization, we couldn’t think of any blogger partner better for this post than the lovely Jen at I Heart Organizing. Read on to learn a little bit more about eMeals can help you take charge of organizing dinner day after day!

I love organizing everything from shoes to office supplies.  I could do it daily because I see the benefit in organization around the home, and how it helps us get through our days with a little less stress.   Some organizing projects make small impacts, and others make huge impacts.

For me, meal planning has made one of the biggest impacts on our day to day life.  My family of five is constantly running here, going to a sporting event there, heading to school activities and even managing through crazy work schedules.  Throw in nightly homework, baths, some family time and reading and wow, the night has already come and gone in a flash.  And then… that dreaded question.  The one we have all been faced with, “What’s for dinner?”

I don’t know what took me so long, but once I started running an in home daycare, I started meal planning my daily meals for the daycare.  But still didn’t for us?  The obvious light wasn’t out for too long, as shortly after I realized how awesome it was knowing what I was making the kiddos every day, I realized that it would be really beneficial to have the same system for our family in the evenings.

Meal Planning

It didn’t happen overnight and the process of getting a meal planning system in place took some trial and error, and eventually evolved over time.   But I did find instant benefit in spending a few hours on a Sunday, planning, couponing, grocery shopping, and even doing some meal prep.   Not only were our busy nights less stressful, but we were also saving money!  We were eating out less and wasting less food!  And we were even eating more meals together, because we planned around our weekly schedule and routines!

Family Dinner Table

I shared my entire process back here, but it has evolved for the better since finding eMeals.

eMeals Meal Planning Binder

As we all know, time is valuable and precious.  And even though I was saving time doing a little extra work on Sunday, I was still spending a few hours looking for recipes, digging through my binder, magazines and the www to find something new.  And being organized is all about finding ways to gain efficiencies in your day and give you time doing the things you love.  So when I found that a service could take away a huge chunk of where my time was being spent, by planning my weekly meals and providing me with a grocery list, the hubs and I high fived and have been even happier since!

Easy eMeals Dinner

The meals we eat each night are healthy and fit our nutritional goals since there are so many plans to select from.  And I hoard the weekly meal plans in my meal planning binder, because that way if there is something that doesn’t fit our schedule, or our taste buds, I still have plenty of other options to pick from.

The benefits we have seen as a family from being organized and merging our meal plans with our schedules is priceless.  Growing up I remember sitting around the table with my family and eating great home cooked meals every night, and it’s wonderful that despite our busy lifestyle, we can still do the same with our own kids.

“My name is Jen and to say that IHeart Organizing is quite the understatement!  That is why I have a blast sharing my organizing projects over on my blog.  I am the wife to an amazing man and the proud mama to three boys so life is always bustling with excitement and activities.  Organizing isn’t only essential in our chaotic lives, but it is also our excuse to get crafty and play with glue guns, hammers and paint.  I am a believer that storage doesn’t need to be stale, and organizing doesn’t need to be boring, it should blend seamlessly with our homes and lives.”

4 thoughts on “Take Charge of Meal Planning & Organize Like a Pro

  1. Judy Rubin

    I love eMeals! I’m using the portion control menus and find my cooking life to be stress-free. The recipes are easy enough to start when I get home from work and I’ve loved almost everything I’ve tried.

  2. Amanda West

    Love this post! Everything you said it spot on. We now have home cooked meals, effortlessly placed on the dinner every night. Grocery shopping is no longer a 5 hour chore of making the meal plan and writing down a list. Thank you for sharing how eMeals have changed your life 🙂 You took the words out of my mouth.

  3. Jennifer M.

    I started a recipe binder 10+ years ago. I only include things I have made and would make again. Now it is so full and disorganized that I hate opening it. I have absolutely no space left. Ideas? I’m trying to plan and I dread the thought of paging through, even though I love cooking.

    1. julie

      Jennifer M.,

      I saw a website/blog (i think i found it on pinterest..) that showed how to organize binder menus. The author divided her one big binder into several smaller binders (think no larger than 1″), and each binder was it’s own category. One binder was labeled for all beef dishes; another for poultry, etc…; another for vegetables/ sides; another for apps/soups/salads; another for desserts; maybe even another for crock pot meals.

      Hope this helps! =]

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