Teenagers: If you feed them, they will come!

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Raising a family can be challenging, exasperating and even expensive. My husband and I have experienced all of those scenarios,  but at the end of the day, we view raising a family as fun. With God leading our family, we believe that there is nothing more fun and fulfilling in our lives than the ministry to our own children. I have great respect for those who are successful in business, successful in movies and talented athletes. But what impresses my heart the most is the person who simply does a great job raising their children. In our home, there are a lot of imperfections and mistakes made as we journey through life but we love each other and we journey together. The added bonus is on the journey we are having FUN!

E-Mealz, kidsIf there is one common trait that my husband and I share, it is a love for kids. We have a 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. They both have brought us great joy and we love them dearly. We also adore their friends and enjoy opening up our home to provide a safe place for them to come together and hangout. We provide ping pong, pool, sports, games, movies and most importantly FOOD! I am constantly looking for ways to feed “human garbage disposals”. It warms my heart to fill their stomachs and one of my favorite “teen treats” to serve is “Tacos in a Bag”. They are easy to make, filling and basically no mess. Open up your heart, open up your home and feed a teenager. Beware though…once you feed them they will be back! But for my husband and I, that is what we feel called to…The American Teenager…one of God’s most wonderful creations.

E-Mealz, girls, teensTacos in a Bag

Snack size single pack Dorritos (found in the chip section at the grocery store)

Ground Beef

Taco Seasoning

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Shredded Lettuce


Sour Cream

Prepare the ground beef and taco seasoning as you would for tacos. Before opening your chip bag, crush the Dorritos gently. Open your bag and add any or all the above ingredients according to how you enjoy your taco. Mix well with a fork, eat and throw away the bag when finished.  I like to use ranch dressing instead of sour cream and add jalapeño peppers for an extra kick.

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11 thoughts on “Teenagers: If you feed them, they will come!

  1. lauren

    My husband makes this all the time, but with a full size bag–he calls it “taco surprise.” What a surprise to see it here! We love e-meals, have been using it for only a few weeks, and it’s made a difference already!

    thanks, and keep up the good work!

  2. Lori

    We call your Tacos in a Bag “Walking Tacos” in this area (Northwestern Ohio.) They showed up at the Little League concession stands about 10-12 years ago. They are still very popular at the various concession stands all year round, and often used as fund raisers at different sporting events. We used Fritoes Corn Chips, also. I’m hungry for one just talking about it 🙂

    1. Brown Langner

      Great idea for concession stands! Never thought of that but Tacos in a Bag certainly would be better than the hot dog at the baseball field! 🙂

  3. Genia

    The title of this post brought me in — my nephew is 18, and he and his multitude of friends are *always* here, eating! It’s been that way since he was, well, 13. He’s an athlete (football & basketball) and so are his friends. This tacos-in-a-bag recipe is new to me, but I think he and his posse will love it.

    Thanks from a soon-to-be new subscriber!

    1. Brown Langner

      They will love it! And the best thing is there is no mess. Let me know how it goes when they try it for the first time 🙂

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