Testimonial Tuesday: eMeals Solves Family’s Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

eMeals TestimonialWe are excited to be sharing testimonials from our eMeals subscribers on our blog! Kat has tried a host of eMeals meal plans and currently subscribes to our Clean Eating family dinner plan as well as our lunch and breakfast plan. Read below to get a little insight into how eMeals makes her family’s life a little easier.

My husband and I live busy lives and eMeals is perfect for the family on the go. My husband, Mark, is a busy Structural Engineer and I run an on-line store for personalized platters while staying home with my two toddlers. The one thing that I have always hated to do was planning meals. I don’t mind cooking at all; I even once went to school for culinary arts. Cooking has never been the problem, but planning was just blah to me…I didn’t know what to do and everything was either boring, loaded with fat, or too expensive to make. I knew this: 1) I wanted to lose weight 2) I wanted to get my family healthy 3) I wanted save money without clipping coupons all day.

eMeals ReviewThat being said, I have two teenage boys and two toddlers, Ryan 16, Matthew 13, Mary Kate 3, and Will 2. Feeding them was getting so outrageously expensive and I felt like I had nothing to show for those huge grocery trips. I needed to find a way to not only feed us all more healthy meals but also save on our growing grocery budget as well. My oldest son is active in drama and graduating high school soon, my middle son is active in cross country and in track and field plus he is a straight A student. My daughter is starting pre-K this fall and she active in gymnastics and dance, while my youngest son is 2 and growing too fast and very active doing what 2 year old boys like to do…getting into everything. Feeding them healthy food is important for me, so they can all continue to succeed in their daily lives. I want healthy bones, brains and smiles without breaking the bank. And sadly, the children weren’t necessarily getting what I wanted them to have.

But let’s face it…eating healthy starts with me. I have to set the example and since I am the one who plans and prepares the meals, I am the only one who can get my family to healthier eating habits. Take my husband for instance, he is tall and skinny and doesn’t appear to have weight issues but that doesn’t mean that he is healthy. I needed to make sure we were all healthy from the inside-out.

On a long 14 hour drive home from Wyoming visiting my in-laws, I did my window shopping on-line as I often do; I came across a Groupon ad for family meal planning called eMeals. I had never heard of eMeals until that very moment. At first I almost passed it by thinking it was a home delivery system, until I read the fine print describing what eMeals actually was, “Meal Planning Made Simple.” Simple meal planning; tell me more, I thought!

I clicked on the link and read over the eMeals site for nearly two hours, trying to figure out “what’s the catch?” And much to my surprise, there was absolutely no catch.  After that the hardest part wasn’t deciding whether or not to sign up. The hardest part for me was trying to decide which meal plan to try first. I signed up for Clean Eating Family, the lunch plan and breakfast plan. I jumped in with both feet and don’t regret it one bit. With my children having a gap in their ages, I wanted to make my time with them less about meal planning (which often became the same ol’ things weekly) and more about reading with them, playing with them and cuddling with them. Planning took a big chuck of my time and also added a big chunk to my waist line because I wasn’t planning properly. I wasn’t planning healthy meals or low fat meals, I was planning familiar meals. eMeals took control and helped me get my family out of our rut.

I’m happy to report that since joining eMeals in August 2013, I have lost 30 lbs thanks to better eating, fresher eating and less processed foods. Now, I haven’t just stuck with Clean Eating, I’ve bounced all over the eMeals meal plans. We have tried Mediterranean, Low Carb, Low Fat, Portion Control and Low Calorie as well. Each has been wonderful to try, however my family really loves the Low Fat Family dinner plan. We seriously have something new almost every night and it’s all so delicious and easy to prepare!

But do you really want to know one of my favorite things about eMeals (outside of the weight loss of course)? Okay, so not only does eMeals do your meal planning for you, but they also provide you a shopping list. When you download and access the eMeals app for your smart phone, you can pull up the week’s grocery list and check off what you have as you do shopping; all from your phone! Plus, when you are on certain meal plans like the Low Fat Family Plan and you are able to select a certain grocery store, it’ll give you an estimated amount you can expect to pay at the grocery store…how cool is that?!

Not to mention, you access old menus from previous weeks and previous menus. And let’s not forget that if you want to skip a meal on the menu, eMeals provides you with that option as well. eMeals is seriously my go to. Forget the collection of cookbooks, now everything I need is just a swip away on my handy dandy iPhone.

eMeals has made my life better in so many ways. eMeals has 1) helped me lose weight 2) get my family healthy 3) save us money without clipping coupons all day. Now I’ve got more time to spend with my husband, play with my kids or make another platter for a customer. eMeals has met my expectations, now it’s your turn to have eMeals meet yours. Give them a try today!

Check out the eMeals Clean Eating Meal Plan here! If you would like to be featured in one of our upcoming testimonial blog posts, please contact us! We’re looking for a loyal eMeals customer who has lost weight using eMeals or someone who has had their daily life affected by using our meal plans. If this describes you, please email support@emeals.com with the subject line TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY.

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