Testimonial Tuesday: Paleo Couple Drops 130 Pounds

Losing weight on the paleo diet with eMealsWe are excited to being sharing testimonials from our eMeals subscribers on our blog! This first story is definitely one worth taking note of! We’re excited to introduce Mike & Christina, eMeals Paleo subscribers who have dropped 130+ pounds together since using our meal plans. You can see an on-air testimonial from Mike in the video below!

eMeals has been a lifesaver for our family since September 2013.  As we set out on our Paleo Journey it has helped us to be organized, healthy, and save money at the same time.

My husband (Mr. as I like to call him on my blog) and I started our Paleo Journey August 2013.  We were both unhealthy and unhappy in our own skin.  Earlier that summer Mike had gone to an Integrative Medicine Doctor, Steve Windley, with symptoms of constant fatigue and sinus issues.  In July, his blood results came back and the news wasn’t good.  Mike had high everything you can think of that is associated with being obese.  Our family and Dr. Windley’s family are very close and he was able to be quite frank with Mike and ordered the Paleo Diet.

When Mike came home with the news I was immediately resistant.  I knew I needed to make changes but I wasn’t thrilled about giving up everything I loved to eat and drink (to excess of course).  It’s always amazing how things work out about the same time. Friends that owned a local gym, Crossfit Seymour, offered us their ‘Golden Tickets.’  This program was basically trying Crossfit and Paleo for 30 days without any charge.  Coach Sam even took care of meal planning!

After the 30 day challenge and losing a combined 35 pounds, we decided to commit to Paleo for 90 days.  That’s when we met our biggest hurdle.  We didn’t know how to eat Paleo without guidance and it was unfair to ask our Box (as Crossfit Gym’s are called) to meal plan for us every month.  I had remembered hearing Dave Ramsey endorse eMeals and mentioning the Paleo plan on his radio program.  So I looked into it!

I didn’t sign up initially.  I printed off the 7 day Paleo sample menu and gave it a test run.  It was 4 days into that test run that we decided we loved the concept, the menu, and the yummy recipes.  The greatest part of eMeals is that every week we get great new seasonal recipes for dinner.  Prior to using eMeals, I menu planned,  so I know how much time and energy it takes!  I easily fell in love having the recipes right in my email inbox along with the grocery list.  The fact that the grocery list is even broken down into categories (produce, meats, etc) is perfect for my Type A personality!  Another great thing about eMeals, is that it has kept us on budget too.  Although, we’ve noticed an increase in our grocery store spending our monthly food bill is about the same.   Because our meals are planned and all the food purchased for the week, we rarely have the need or desire to go to a restaurant.  Overall, we are eating more nutritiously and more savory meals at the same price.  At the end of the day, however, we wouldn’t have signed up without loving the food.  When asked to pick a favorite meal it’s impossible.  We have had months of wonderful dinners!

The Paleo lifestyle can be difficult to navigate because it isn’t main stream and is a bit counter-cultural.  The food pyramid for the Paleo Diet from bottom to top is: vegetables and fruits, meat , Nuts and Seeds.  The Paleo diet also encourages eating grass fed meats and organic produce as much as possible.  The diet is challenging but after just a week my complexion cleared up.  In October 2013 on my annual blood work, my triglycerides and cholesterol dropped to almost normal levels!   After 6 months, Mike and I have lost a combined 130+ lbs.  We’ve enjoyed  other health benefits as well including curing acid reflux, sinus issues, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and inflammation.  We’ve both adopted the Paleo lifestyle into our home infinitely and have never felt better in our own skin then we do now.  Every day that we feel better is a constant reminder to us that Food Is A Drug!

Check out the eMeals Paleo Meal Plan here! If you would like to be featured in one of our upcoming testimonial blog posts, please contact us! We’re looking for a loyal eMeals customer who has lost weight using eMeals or someone who has had their daily life affected by using our meal plans. If this describes you, please email support@emeals.com with the subject line TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY.

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