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eMeals TestimonialWe are excited to being sharing testimonials from our eMeals subscribers on our blog! Today we’re welcoming Marguerite to share her eMeals story.

In early 2012, my husband texted me and asked me if I was interested in this Groupon deal he found for meal planning. I don’t like cooking generally and never planned meals. Because of this, and the fact we had a baby new to table food at the time, we could have been the poster children for eMeals. Our normal dinners were a never-ending rut of drive-thru, same-old recipes that were easy to cook, or pre-packaged frozen dinners. I told him that it wouldn’t hurt to try it. I am so glad we did!

Before eMeals: Our nightly conversation about dinner involved indecision (about what to have, usually last-minute), defeat (some ingredient had gone bad, or I just did not have it), and surrender (drive-thru or a frozen, pre-packaged meal). My husband and I knew all the value menu items without having to read the sign. My one stipulation on buying a new fridge was the crisper drawers be see-through because “out of sight, out of mind”. (Yes, this is 100% true.) I never shopped in the produce aisle because most of what I bought there with good intentions would be wasted. I was still using my 15 year old kitchen gadgets that I got when we married because I refused to spend money on upgrading things I rarely used.

After eMeals: Our nightly conversation is about what I am cooking. The only surrender is my husband has to agree to do the dishes if I cook…. and there’s a lot more of them now. 🙂 I really don’t know what is on a value menu anymore…. which is good, because most of them are no longer a dollar. I still have that “out of sight, out of mind” thing going, but it is only because my produce is going bad from the previous week… which leads me to… I shop in the produce aisle! Now that I am cooking regularly, I have steadily been upgrading my kitchen gadgets and tools to much better quality items. I feel like I deserve them now. I have an agreement with my husband; since I am not making old family recipes, he has the right to refuse or complain about anything I cook. Two years later and I think there has only been one dish he really did not like. I tell everyone I know about eMeals. We love it! We are eating healthier. We are eating more variety. We are not stressed over dinner. Our little one eats most everything I make, too. I will be sticking with this for a long, long time.

How long have you used eMeals? We have been using eMeals since February 2012.
What plan are you on? We started on the Classic Family Walmart plan, and have tried a few others along the way.  We settled on the Classic Plan for Two.  One thing I forgot to mention earlier is I really like the ability to choose other plans.  When I had my daughter last Fall, I switched us to the Family plan for a while because I knew we would have an extra adult in the house, and because I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to cook.  So, I (or someone else) was able to make a few larger meals and eat leftovers or freeze part of them for later.
What do you like about the plan you are on? I like that the food is not too fancy, just good food that I might normally make for my family.  I like that there is still enough variety that we get to try new things too. When we started using eMeals, I had no idea that I like artichoke. 🙂 My husband really didn’t like broccoli. One of our first dinners was an artichoke and pesto chicken with roasted broccoli on the side.  We both loved it. I like that even with two people and a toddler, we usually have leftovers for us to eat for lunch the next day. Also, I like that eMeals in general has taught me a few new cooking techniques and shortcuts (I will always bake my potatoes in a crock pot from now on.)


Check out the eMeals Classic Walmart plan here! If you would like to be featured in one of our upcoming testimonial blog posts, please contact us! We’re looking for a loyal eMeals customer who has lost weight using eMeals or someone who has had their daily life affected by using our meal plans. If this describes you, please email support@emeals.com with the subject line TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY.
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