Thanksgiving Centerpiece on a Budget

Thanksgiving Centerpiece | eMeals

Hosting a table full of hungry people is intimidating enough without having to worry about how to make your table fit for a king. And as Thanksgiving fast approaches, we’ve been hearing from members of our community that you’d like help with the food, the table, and the hosting. So we’ve created a frugal, beautiful centerpiece you can use to grace your table for years to come. We purposefully pulled things from our homes and from a local grocery store to keep things easy. You could easily shop for these items at Walmart and stay within an affordable budget while still creating something pretty and memorable.

Here’s what you need to re-create the centerpiece in these photos. Remember, this is about making what you have work, so feel free to grab similar items that you already have. Get creative and enjoy it!

  • A burlap table runner ties the natural elements together. Purchase one in stores (we often see them at Target), online from Etsy or Amazon, or click here to learn how to make one on a budget.
  • Vibrant fruits and vegetables such as eggplant, pomegranates, and red pears. Follow the sales at your grocery store for savings.
  • White pumpkins: These beauties bring an upscale elegance to the natural look of your centerpiece.
  • Leaves, sticks, and pinecones: Natural elements such as these help bring nature inside. Get the kids involved and have them help gather materials from the yard. Not only will they take pride in the end result, but it’s free!
  • Candles: Votives in Mason jars are an inexpensive way to make any centerpiece look special. You can find them in your local grocery store, or buy them from Amazon ($11/set of 6).

Thanksgiving Centerpiece | eMeals

Once we pulled all these elements together, our centerpiece “grew” into a full-on tablescape! Feel free to modify this idea to be as small or large as you need.

An important visual element to keep in mind is height variation. Differing heights make the table interesting and visually stimulating for the eye. This year’s trends veer toward eclectic, mix-and-match styles instead of “matchy matchy,” so embrace the freedom to take the items you have on-hand to create your pièce de résistance!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece | eMeals

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-Text by Heather Brown | Styling by Jenny Cochran and Judy Barber

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