The Rotating Pantry-Coupon Tip of the Week

Saved $52.64, Spent $38.51 combining coupons and grocery sales.

Being known as the resident “coupon queen” by my friends and neighbors, I hear every excuse in the book for why said friends and family do not coupon and think it is silly.  I’d love to divulge a few of these to you guys, tell you my rationale on it and then hear your feedback.

One thing I hear a lot is, “There’s never coupons for the things I want to buy! I end up spending more money using this coupon for $.50 off an item that I wouldn’t normally buy than if I just stick to my normal pantry items.”

What’s funny to me about this comment is that on any given week, my husband and I only buy about 3 items week in and week out that are the same brand or product, because we’ve learned to like the variety we get with using coupons and sales to plan our trip to the grocery.  Everything else we buy is a different brand each week. For instance, I know I’m going to buy milk about every other week and a bagged salad every week. So, when I’m looking at the sales flyer, I see that perhaps Organic Valley milk is on sale so that’s the one I buy that particular week, however if the next time I buy milk nothing is on sale I’ll buy Publix brand.

Publix, Groceries

Saved $18.50, Spent $14.34 combining coupons and sales.

Also, by using the principles of couponing we discussed way back here, by matching coupons with sales I usually end up getting any items I buy at a quarter of the price I would normally spend on a single item not on sale that I bought week in and week out. My husband and I like the variety of the foods and drinks we get to try, we like saving money, and this system works for us. We are always trying new things, which leads us to having what we’ve coined our “rotating pantry.”

Granted, we don’t have kids yet so I’m sure once that is the case in the future it will make it harder to live by this principle, but for now we are glad to be pocketing any extra money we can, giving our taste buds the thrill of adventure and trying to snack healthily while making the coupon game work for us to supplement into our E-mealz plan. These trips to the grocery provide me with lots of staples for my E-Mealz plan and let me have flexibility within my plan to sub in the frozen veggies I stocked up on for free weeks before instead of buying a suggested veggie on the plan.

How about you guys, do you use coupons to supplement your E-Mealz plan?

Are you brand loyal?

Do you coupon like this, with a “rotating pantry?”

10 thoughts on “The Rotating Pantry-Coupon Tip of the Week

  1. monica

    there are some brands you can not try because they are just not good. it is good that you are able to switch around your pantry types of food and you said it clear as day and no verbatum. when you do have kids it will be a whole different ball game. good luck and thanks for your insight as i wouldnt buy certain brands because i know my family probably woulndt eat it. for example, i tried a organic mac & cheese shell product thinking this would be so much better for all of us…………nope!!!! some things you cant switch……

  2. Jenny

    I couponed a LOT the first few years my husband and I were married. But once the kids came (4 in 5 years)…and then the homeschooling started, I found I didn’t have time to coupon clip. I determined that giving up the paper was a savings in itself (in both my sanity and the cost). In my mind, time is a very valuable commodity, so time savings is as good as money savings (maybe even better) to me.

    I have only been using emealz for about a month, but it has totally lit a fire under my cooking. I am PLANNING all the time, and when it came to planning meals, and planning grocery shopping I was planned out. I can say that in the last month I have cooked at least 5 out of the 7 meals, which is a huge change from what was happening before. I will have to see if I want to continue with the meal plan I am using. Because it’s higher in fat that what I would normally cook – but it is so much better than all the last minute “standing in kitchen trying to figure out what to make at the last minute” that was going on.

    So I guess the short answer to your question, is that I do not coupon-clip in conjunction with emealz, but I do figure I am saving both time AND money in spite of that fact.

  3. Amy McGee

    I price comp. Last week my bill was estimated at $88. I spent $38. Our family is also hunters so we have our beef products already in the freezer. It saves so much money and is healthy

  4. Holly

    I used to use the WalMart plan but switched to Any Store portion control. I print my e-mealz shopping list and compare it to the Homeland ad online. I still cut some coupons but I have found that selecting the coupons I need online and printing them at home is much less time consuming. Since Homeland doubles coupons up to $1 I save at least 45% every week for the last 4 weeks.

  5. Cassie

    I use my coupons to stock pile and then when the ingredients come up in my e-mealz, then I already have it on hand. I also use the side dishes that I have already instead of the e-mealz ones sometimes too, including the produce from our garden.

  6. Sarah

    I just found eMealz. Interesting post. I’m single and probably could get away with this fairly easy. I’m trying to use more and more coupons. Definitely a way to try different things.

  7. Laurie

    I just found emeals, it has some good recipes, but I totally cook from scratch! Like its so easy to make your own “cream of soup”, but so far I have found a few recipes that would change our menus. We have about 20 favorite meals, and rotate them with the seasons and our “finds” at the stores. I only shop every other week, so I look for great sales and coupons.
    Remember- overseas military can use coupons up to 6 months old! Clip and save them up and send them to a soldier friend!

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