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You may remember a while back that Andi Sims wrote a guest post for us here telling why E-Mealz is a lifesaver for her and her family.  Well, Andi is back with more tips to help your family utilize E-Mealz to the fullest.  Enjoy these tips from family who has tried it and loved it.

  • Glue a wooden or plastic clothes pin to the inside of your pantry or kitchen cabinet door.  Pin up your Menu for the week in order for everyone to know what ‘s for dinner. (Of course, you can also post it on the refrigerator or on a bulletin board in the kitchen, too.)
  • Ask younger children to help by allowing them to pick out which meals will be served on which days.  (This could be a reward incentive!)  Ask the child/children to assemble all of the ingredients for that meal.
  • Teach older children to start the meal preparation by instructing them on how to properly cut vegetables, assemble a salad, use the microwave, etc.  If they are responsible enough, you can even teach them how to brown meat.  This will help if you are carpooling for an afternoon activity, and someone else can help you get dinner started at home.
  • Take your children (one at a time) to the grocery store with you….occasionally.  The grocery list can teach them to be exact with ingredients, quantities and measurements, portions and how to find and calculate what’s on sale.  (Sometimes, however, going to the grocery store is my alone time as a mom, and it helps to focus on just what is needed.)
  • If your children have special items which they prefer for their lunch boxes or for breakfast, ask them to write it on their own sticky notes to attach to the list when it’s printed.
  • For those times when I can’t run home and print out my grocery list, I access my list from my iPhone by logging onto the site.  I keep that page open during my trip to the store and follow my list.
  • Use meals to minister to other families.  I’ve taken meals to friends or neighbors in need and been so thankful not to have to make a special trip to the grocery store. I’ve also made a quick copy of the entire Weekly Menu and included it with the meal in case they wanted the recipe or needed this great meal-planning source, too!
  • Take (or leave behind!) when you travel or are on vacation.  I will either print out the list from a business center wherever I am or access my lists on my phone. I then will buy the groceries and prepare meals while we’re away without having to think. Also, if I’m leaving the kids (and/or hubby) behind, I’ll purchase the groceries on the list and leave them with the menu.  If I’m really organized, I’ll go ahead and make a few of the dishes in advance and leave them with the family with notes on the menu of what is stored where.  (Spoon-feeding, I know!)

Andi Sims is a wife and a mother of four children ranging in age from 7 to 16, and she teaches ballet to preschoolers.  A frequent traveler, she is a member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel which answers thousands of guests’ questions online at  This year, she is answering questions exclusively for Disney Cruise Line.  Andi also maintains her blog concerning stories, tips and ideas on everything to do with her first (and hardest) job at You can also find her on Facebook as Andi Campbell Sims and on Twitter @wifeandmomuniv.  She’s a sucker for anything chocolate, Mickey Mouse related or having to do with being more organized or efficient, and she runs to keep her sanity and to be able to eat more chocolate.  (All of her opinions here or anywhere else are exclusively hers…not Disney’s.)

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  1. Alli

    I bet it would be easy to make sure you have leftovers for lunch the next day. If you have a family of four but want two people to take leftovers for lunch, plan meals for a family of six. Lunch is easy, plus healthier and cheaper than eating out!

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