Tomato Time at the Farmer’s Market

For those of us who greatly appreciate a flavorful and perfectly plump tomato, fresh from the garden… but will most likely never grow our own like our Martha Stewart-ish Brown Langner (read her grow-your-own-amazing-tomato-plant blog post)… the Farmer’s Market is a beautiful place!

Since tomatoes actually like the blistering heat of summer, this is the height of tomato time. Your local farmers are busy picking the bounty of their crops off the vine just for you, so be sure and support them at your local farmer’s market.

When you come home with your fresh tomatoes (pick up some fresh cheese, onions and herbs, too), download the free “Farmer’s Market Tomato Pie” recipe from the left side of our homepage. This recipe was originally published by our Vegetarian Plan writer, Kim Lacey after I tasted it at her home and begged her to add it to her plan. This recipe makes two pies, which is perfect for a summery dinner, a weekend brunch or a special lunch. Add a salad with fruit, a croissant or muffin… you will love this!


I just thought to upload this picture of the partially eaten pie (the first one is devoured) I made for lunch today. Delish! Son Brock says it is one of the best thing he has ever eaten! Minor “recipe rendition” – I added one egg to each pie for a little more protein and sauteed the onions first. Of course, these tomatoes I picked up from the Farmer’s Market are unbelievable. Now is the time! Don’t miss it!

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2 thoughts on “Tomato Time at the Farmer’s Market

  1. Jamie

    Those are glorious. I have a million green ones just sitting on their bushes. They’ve got to turn red one day. Ready to move from fried-green tomatoes to that pie.

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