Finding Treasures at the Farmer’s Market

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4 thoughts on “Finding Treasures at the Farmer’s Market

  1. Sharon O

    I love a farmers market and fresh fruit and produce from the farmers, except this week all my freezer jam has to be removed from the freezer and disposed of. The farm had an e-coli outbreak and 8 people were very ill and one has died. It is not worth it to ‘keep’ the fruit frozen.

  2. Sharon O

    I am in Oregon in Yamhill county the farm was Jacquith farm about a mile from my house. It is very serious and I am not happy I have to get rid of freezer jam but… there is no choice. The story was on the news.

    1. Judith Barber

      That is very serious… and I am sorry that you had to lose all that hard work. I know the produce in Oregon is amazing, and it must be devastating to everyone to have it so negatively affected.

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