Ways to Save: Grow Green Onions

It’s amazing how much money we drop on produce at the grocery store. And the even worse part is when we let it go bad and then have to throw it away! What a shame. When it comes to green onions, though there’s a simple solution. Simply buy one bunch from the grocery store and let them grow in water. Yes, you read that correctly! Green onions when placed in water continue to grow so all you have to do is snip off a bit whenever you need some for a recipe.

One word to the wise, change the water frequently. If you don’t you’re in for a stinky surprise. Otherwise, we can’t recommend trying this out highly enough. Green onions are called for in many recipes and give a great zip to many dishes.

We tested this out and were amazed at how quickly the onions started growing and how they literally were growing so much they were overtaking our counter! If you spent $1.19 on green onions each week for the school year, you would spend $61.88 a year. Instead with this solution you only spend $1.19! Savings total at $60.69!!

(We got this idea fromĀ Pinterest.)

9 thoughts on “Ways to Save: Grow Green Onions

  1. Amy Tomaso

    I actually ended up all to often with a smelly mess. A few months ago I PLANTED them in a window box – sized container. I have been snipping what I need – and at one point I had a LOT – so I have some frozen…. having done both ways – I would try the actually ‘planting’ method. i am planning to move them indoor when the weather gets cool – we shall see if they last!

  2. Julie

    This works great, but I’m not sure one bunch would last a whole YEAR! I keep mine for 4-6 weeks, then toss them and start a new bunch. They start losing color & just don’t look all that appetizing after a while. I heard that the same can be done with celery, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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