What Coupons Can Do for You

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I just had to share with some of you who may live in the South, my haul from Publix this week. If you have a Publix near by, do yourself a favor and take advantage of their Italian Days sale this week!  The annual Italian Days sale is a great time to stock up on canned tomatoes, canned beans and vegetables, pasta sauce, cheese, breadsticks, etc.  If you do plan to go to Publix, make sure you print out some of these hot coupons to pair with the sales. They’re Publix coupons, so you can stack them with manufacturer coupons as well.

I purchased all of this on Monday for $57.76, but saved over $100; $109.81 to be exact.  This is what the power of coupons can do for you too!  If you need a refresher course on the basics of coupons, feel free to revisit this post.  I don’t want to leave anyone out, so I rounded up a few more hot printable coupons to take advantage of as well:

Enjoy your shopping this week! Maybe with these coupons, you can add in a few snacks or lunches with your E-Mealz menu for close to free.

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