What is Clean Eating?

Many of you have expressed interest in our new Clean Eating Plan. There have also been lots of questions coming up about what clean eating is so we have created a graphic to break it down a bit more. Clean Eating is a lifestyle plan based on the goal to remove all processed foods from your diet. Our Clean Eating Plans are focused on fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain pasta and wheat, lean protein, healthy fats, and organic and grass fed products.

Also, check out our new Clean Eating Plan with a discount before 5/31 to get 10% off with the discount code CLEAN. Sign up today and let us know what you think!

*The clean eating lifestyle is relatively new and many people have different takes on what is considered clean eating. Some ingredients in our meal plans may fall into a gray area occasionally to maximize taste. We do our best to get each plan as close to being clean as possible.

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31 thoughts on “What is Clean Eating?

  1. Jennifer

    I’ve made two meals with this plan and they were delicious! Some of the ingredients are a little tough to find (Star anise?, 5 spice), but I dug around for substitutions and still enjoyed the dish. I’m really psyched about it! It’s much more to my taste than regular plan.

  2. Terah Lites

    I, too, was SO excited to see that you came out with a clean eating plan! I jumped right on board and have already received 2 weeks of the plan. However, I was a little disappointed to see that it wasn’t as clean as I expected. Your chart above is right but your recipes haven’t lined up exactly. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE eMeals and will stick with it, I am just hoping to see the future recipes be even cleaner and not have added sugar or rice like the week of April 18-24th that included rice in a few recipes and hoisin sauce, which is loaded with sugar. I would love to hear your comments on this issue. Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. Julie G.

    I am glad you posted this information about clean eating. I switched right away and love the new plan, but I thought it was basically a “from scratch” meal plan. I was not far off.

  4. Tonia Atkins

    We are finishing up week one on this new plan and LOVE IT! Even my kids are eating everything (10, 6, &3). We have found somethings hard to find but just have substituted and that seems to work for us. Keep the excellent recipes coming!

  5. Miki Cairo

    Way to go Emeals!! You never fail to impress me :)

    This is part of what I’m looking for for my family. We don’t HAVE to make any changes but I’m choosing to provide them with a more healthy life style. I’d really love to see a Clean Eating menu that is also Gluten free Or maybe it would work to have a Gluten free alternative listed? So whole wheat pasta OR Gluten Free Pasta. I know I can make these changes as well but would be nice to be reminded of them as I and others are getting started in this type of lifestyle change.

    I”m just trying the gluten free menu, just went shopping tonight. We’ll see how that goes and will make the switch to this one if i find too much processed stuff on the Gluten Free one.

  6. gina

    E-Meals Team! i have not even looked the plan over yet, but i just wanted to thank you for putting forth the effort to even think in this direction and put a plan together! i know it is no small task. Thank you so much!

  7. cindi

    Can you post the nutritional stats for the clean eating plan as well? I am really trying to watch my calorie intake and was on the weight watchers plan but have recently switched to the clean eating plan, but am disappointed that there are no calories listed or servings per dish. Keep up the good work!

    1. Heather Brown

      Thanks for your suggestion, Cindi! We have lots of options like this we want to add in the future, keep your eyes on our website for updates. We’re glad you’re enjoying this plan.

      1. Laura

        Looking forward to the nutrition info and serving amounts as well! It’s the only downside for me so far after using the plan for two weeks.

  8. becky

    I’m super excited about this plan. Especially with summer coming and the abundance of fresh veggies and fruit that will be available! Yahoo! Thanks so much for coming up with this plan! We, too, are looking forward to a plan for 2 someday. :o)

  9. Trish

    the Clean Eating plan sounds great! Is there a way to sign up for a combined plan, such as Safeway & Clean Eating, so that the sales are coordinated with the recipes? That would be perfect!

    1. Heather Brown

      Hi Trish,
      I’d recommend you buy our Safeway plan. It combines clean eating with the Safeway store prices. Enjoy!

  10. Michelle

    I have been using emeals for over a year now and keep trying the newest plans and loving it. Currently our family uses the whole foods plan. How will the clean eating plan be any different? From the sample it looks fairly the same. I don’t want to switch to clean eating then be told I can’t switch back to whole foods if I really prefer that version.


    1. Heather Brown

      Hi Michelle,
      We always work with our members to make sure they find the right fit in a plan. You can switch your plan once a month, but if you switch to something that you don’t like you can always email support@emeals.com and they can switch you back. Our clean eating plan features foods that are as close to their natural state as can be purchased. This includes lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and leaves out processed foods. Natural and organic allows for any natural and organically packaged products as well as meats and produce. Our natural and organic plans average around $145/week and since our Clean Eating Plan isn’t based at a particular store, it can vary but probably close to the same price range. Hope this helps!

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