What is the Mediterranean Diet?


Long, leisurely meals that celebrate local ingredients; quality time with family and friends around the dining table; minimally processed, fresh, natural ingredients. If these things sound appealing, then the Mediterranean Meal Plan is for you.

The new eMeals Mediterranean Meal Plan incorporates the traditional foods of the Mediterranean region, including Italy, Greece and Spain. The plan includes recipes that focus on common ingredients from this region, such as olive oil, whole grains, beans and legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits and fish. You can expect three to four hearty, meatless dishes, two fish or seafood meals and one chicken or turkey-based recipe each week, with occasional red meat dinners throughout the month. These recipes are all delivered in the same convenient eMeals format with a coordinating shopping list available on our mobile app.

What will I eat or not eat?

Focus on:

Fresh vegetables and fruit

Whole grains

Fish and seafood (at least twice per week)

Lean poultry (once a week)

Healthy fats (mainly olive oil, olives and nuts)

Beans and legumes

Dairy (including cheese and Greek yogurt)

Cut Down on:

Red meat (only one or twice a month)

Saturated fats, like butter, mayonnaise and sour cream

This style of eating is all about enjoying fresh, healthy ingredients rather than eliminating particular foods. So check out the eMeals Mediterranean Meal Plan for delicious, simple dinner recipes to help you feed your family healthy meals every night of the week.

See our sample plan!

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4 thoughts on “What is the Mediterranean Diet?

    1. Jessica Cox, RD

      Heather – The Mediterranean plan is similar to the Clean Eating plan in the focus on fresh, unprocessed foods. That being said, it will probably be comparable to Clean Eating in cost. We do our best to provide substitutions for more expensive ingredients and cross-utilize ingredients to make these plans as affordable as possible.

  1. Neil Richmund

    This looks great, I have signed up and look forward to giving it a try. Thanks for constantly looking for great new meal ideas!

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