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One of the main reasons I decided to team up with eMeals was seeing all of the incredible comments about the company from so many of you on Facebook. Most businesses struggle to find two or three somewhat happy customers who are willing to provide a testimonial for their website.   eMeals literally has hundreds of customers each month who voluntarily write raving reviews all over the Internet.

We appreciate your support and plan to continue to take our cues from you as we improve and expand our products. Based on your feedback, we are introducing the following new enhancements for eMeals:

  • Plan Delivery. We will provide you the option of receiving your meal plan by email each week – in addition to it always being available for download from our website. If you would like to receive your plan by email, please visit the member page to opt in.
  • Plan Switching. We want happy customers who are using the right plan for their situation. Going forward users will be able to switch their plans once a month from the member login page. If you have still not landed on the right plan, just contact customer support at support@emeals.com and they will take care of you.
  • For Two Plans. We are expanding our “For Two” menus to include seven meals each week instead of five. Of course, you can continue to cook as many meals as you’d like in a given week, but now you will have more variety to choose from. There is nothing that you need to do from your end.

I hope that you will find these changes helpful, and as always, we welcome your ongoing feedback.

17 thoughts on “What’s New for You!

  1. Ed Marrow

    As a Dinner For Two subscriber, I actually prefer the older 5 day plan because it prints on a single double sided page that fits easily into a vinyl sleeve. The sleeve protects the menu while cooking and I save them in a three ring binder.

    But I appreciate the extra effort to improve your service. 🙂

  2. Heather Barrios

    Since you are expanding “For Two” meals, does that mean you will also expand the selection? I would LOVE a G-free for two. Also, when will the app be available?

    1. Heather Brown

      Heather, we want to continue to expand our selection of meal plans that are available. Watch the website for updates on what is coming next. We are working hard on getting our app ready to go. Stay tuned.

  3. Elaine

    Yay! I am definitely opting in for emails because I have often forgotten to log in and print my menus! Also will be checking on switching plans as my husband has requested low carb! Thank you for adding these options!

  4. Christy

    THANK YOU! I am SO happy you are now giving 7 meals for two! I was having a hard time coming up with the other 2 because the recipes are so good! God bless you (as He already has)…

  5. Kaley

    I love all the new changes emeals is making! I’m excited to see where God is taking this amazing blessing of a business! One change I would love to see are some pictures of some of the meals each week. I am not that skilled in the kitchen and my husband, although sweet, can’t really manage anything unless it’s on the grill so when we started emeals it was so helpful! But there are times that the instructions in that tiny box are just not quite helpful enough for me and I’m not sure i’m making it quite right. There have been a couple meals that came out kinda funny and i’m pretty sure i did something wrong, but not sure what. If there were a few pictures of some of the more creative meals each week on the website-i would feel way more confident in the kitchen! You’ve already made me more confident than before, but that would be something i think at least I could benefit from! Thanks for being so helpful to all kinds of families!

  6. Andrea

    First off – I LOVE emealz. It has given me sanity and made me feel like a supermom.

    One suggestion, since you’re changing some things up….Would it be possible to make the PDF grocery lists editable? Not sure how that works with your copyright. I would just love to be able to delete a meal or 2 off of it before I print it off. It would make it easier to sort through while shopping, instead of looking around my scratched out lines.

    Not a big deal, just would make it all the more awesome.


  7. Shasta

    You know what would be cool… an iPhone app where you can edit your list right from your phone! I would also LOVE to see more stores added to your list. I actually just emailed you today about working with you to provide lists/menus for the stores in my area. Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Heather Brown

    Thanks so much to all of you for your wonderful suggestions, encouragement, and loyalty. We look forward to bringing many more meals to your table and more importantly great family time spent together.

  9. Autumn

    I just signed up and completely agree with making the grocery lists editable!
    Also, adding Canadian grocery stores would be wonderful! I have a whole foods here in West Vancouver but the coupons linked are US only and I haven’t shopped yet this week but I’m guessing the sale items are not the same either. I’m eager to give it a try anyway though!

    1. Heather Brown

      Autumn, we have lots of stores we want to add in the future, so keep watching the website for updates. Let us know how you like shopping at Whole Foods w/ our plan!

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