When Coupons Won’t Print

E-Mealz, printing couponsWhen you are banging your head against the desk, giving your computer the “evil eye,” and yelling at your kids all because you can’t make the darn coupon print, things have gone too far. Trust me, I’ve been there before. Then, I found out these little tricks usually solve my problems. I hope this helps you with your coupon printing woes.

Usually the biggest headache in printing problem comes with Bricks coupons. You either keep getting a “please wait” or “please install printer” message.

The problem is that most of these coupons have a link that is meant to be printed in a certain internet browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari). When you try to print in the wrong browser, those messages are triggered to come up on your computer.

The trick below is made by just changing two characters in the link.

The following is a Firefox link: hxxp://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asptqnm=ri3peuo59687503&bt=wg&o=53740&ci=1&c=GM&p=TyQrvJAY

This obviously is not a real web address, but just to be shown as an example as to where to change the letters.

Note the “wg” in the URL (I have put it in bold for you). This is telling you it is a Firefox link.

To make that link an Internet Explorer link, you will simply change the “wg” to “wi” or “vi”. It will take a little trial and error to determine which combination will be the fix. The easiest way to make this fix is to paste the original link into a Word document, make the change needed and then paste the corrected link into the address bar and press “enter” on the keyboard.

If the link had a “wi” or “vi” it would be an Internet Explorer link. To make it print in Firefox, just change the “wi” or “vi” to “wg”.

You can also use this trick to print coupons in Safari. Just replace the “wg”, “wi”, or “vi” to “xs”. And to get a Safari link to print in a different browser, change the “xs” to“wi” or “vi” for Internet Explorer or to “wg” for Firefox.

This is all clear as mud, right? Haha, seriously though next time try this out and see if it helps.

Another problem I frequently run into is the page takes too long to load.  Many times when a new “hot” coupon comes out, everybody tries to rush over and print it. Many times, if you will just wait until later that day and try again or even the next day, you will be able to print it. The risk you run with this is that the coupon will reach it’s print limit and then no more will be available. It’s a tricky situation to say the least.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating situations to me is when a window pops up after I’ve ordered the computer and my printer to print a coupon is to see a message come up and tell me I’ve printed this coupon before and it is not available. Sometimes this may be true as most coupons have a print limit of 2 per computer, but sometimes it will say this due to a broken link or another problem. If you run into this, it’s sometimes helpful to email the coupon hosting company or the product company and tell them the problem you ran into and see if they will send you a coupon via mail or email.

A few other rare instances you may want to watch out for include making sure you have the coupon printer installed correctly, having enough ink in your printer, and making sure you are under the correct zip code if that applies to look for the coupon that is available only in certain areas.

Hope this helps and happy couponing!

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2 thoughts on “When Coupons Won’t Print

  1. Tiffani

    Thank you soooo much I was getting so frustrated because they use to print and once I came back from vacation bricks coupons wouldn’t print.

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