Where eMeals Came In…

Everyday, we are showered with encouragement and “eMeals Love Letters” in the form of email, Facebook posts and Tweets. But once in a while we hear from one of our subscribers in such a profound way that we are brought to tears, and made so grateful that we can be a part of your lives… sometimes in a very meaningful way. This is an excerpt from a beautiful letter we recently received from a New Jersey father of five, Rev. William Page. Thank you, Pastor Page and kids, for making our day! God bless you all!

Dear Jane & Jenny,

I have been meaning to write for many months. But I cannot wait any longer…

A little about myself…

My wife, Bernadette and I have five wonderful children. I am a Pastor of a church here in New Jersey.  On December 4, 2009, the Lord called my wife (age 45) home after a short battle with cancer (lymphoma). It was a shock to everyone. I cannot express how devastating this was to our family.

It will be two years next month and the Lord is helping us get through each day.  Believe it or not, eMeals has been a very real part of “getting through.”

Let me share the story…

After Bernadette passed away we hardly made a meal for SIX months.  Between our church, Christian School and other friends, we had a hot meal delivered every other day and more than enough for leftovers in between.

I knew this could not last forever. By June of 2010 we were beginning to stand on our own two feet.  That summer was not easy. At age 48, I was hardly a cook.

So here I am going to the grocery store every other day wandering up and down the aisles. The kids asking me at 4:30-5:00, “Dad, what’s for supper?”  And me responding, “Not quite sure yet.” Truth be told, I was clueless.

Here is where eMeals comes in.

One day I’m surfing the net and I’m on Dave Ramsey’s site and I see him endorsing eMeals.  I think it said, “At $5 a month it is a no-brainer.” A custom made service for ME.  It was TOO good to be true. And it WAS true! Something to tell me what to make! What to buy! And how to make it! Your service has restored so much to my family and me.

Let me tell you, my wife would be happy to see this. I know she herself would have loved eMeals. The concept is incredible. We have been on the plan since September of 2010. When I tell people that we have not had the same meal twice, they cannot believe it!

Thank you for restoring some sanity, peace and hope in this Pastor’s heart. It has made such a difference. I mean that sincerely. This business plan of yours has been a “ ministry” in every sense of the word to me. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

God Bless You,

And Oh, Thank you,

Rev. William C. Page
Scotch Plains, NJ


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3 thoughts on “Where eMeals Came In…

    1. Tracey

      Praying for this precious family.
      I lost my mother to cancer when I was 11 years old.
      My dad used to get recipes from his co-workers, call me and tell me what to get at the Mom & Pop grocery across the street, and tell me how to make whatever it was.
      E-Mealz would have been a blessing back in 1968! God does provide in every generation, though, and He brought us through. May He surround you and your dear children with His love every day, Pastor.
      Thanks for lightening his day, E-Mealz team!

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