Where is Harry? Bridal Tea gone Hogwarts…

I unashamedly, without hesitation, admit that I’m a massive Harry Potter fan.  Back in 1990, when all of the hoopla began circulating about the first book, I decided as a ‘concerned’ parent that I’d read it before I handed it over to my eager daughter. Well, to put it simply, I got “Potter-fied”. You would glaze over if I made you listen to me ramble on about it.

The list of issues and aspects of this story that gripped my heart are too numerous to count. But, among the top 10 resides this… a precious young orphaned boy… innocent, confused, an outcast… alone. What mom wouldn’t respond?? The inborn need of a child to be loved, to belong, to be protected is as compelling an issue as any. This momma’s heart was snagged and rooted Harry on to the final end.

In the meantime, my daughter grew up with Harry. We painfully waited for the next novel in the series to be released. And, yes, we stood in line a few times. I know she has read through the series at least 10 times. Potter trivia? She’s got you beat.

It was a big surprise and yet a perfectly logical fit that Casey’s first bridal shower this January was a Harry Potter inspired event. Not to eclipse the beautiful spread of delicious delights, gifts and love that abounded.

But, we were all completely blown away by the Hogwart inspired bridal gown design competition that ensued, pitting the younger than 21 year olds against all the older ladies. Check out the pictures below for the full impact. Casey’s face was copied and blown up to scale, then pasted to the life size painting of her body…ready for bridal design.

Each team had the predicted tissue paper and doilies, but, added was a burgundy cape material, an owl, a pair of black-rimmed glasses, a wand and flying broomstick. Oh, and don’t forget the rat (that would be Scabbers). What was produced was a more classic presentation by the older ladies, and a tattooed-up, mini-skirt version from the younger crowd.

Hilariously descriptive presentations took place for the final vote.  But, before the verdict was revealed, Harry, himself came as a surprise guest to weigh in on the designs.

Casey’s cousin, Jake, carried out the life size painting of Harry and carried on in his best British accent, prompted by choice prompt words pasted on the back for him to weave into his monologue. Casey was split open in laughter. There couldn’t have been a more precious gift to her.

I wonder if this is the beginning of a trend? Has anyone of you out there seen this done lately. We’d love to hear about it!

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2 thoughts on “Where is Harry? Bridal Tea gone Hogwarts…

  1. Jessica

    I am thinking of doing a Harry Potter themed bridal shower for my sister. She is a huge fan but I don’t want the party to end up feeling like a kid’s birthday party. Besides food, were there any other tips you can share about decorating, games, etc. that had a more grown up, classier feel? Thanks!

    1. Heather Brown


      If you have an artist that can help you with this…we had digital head shot pictures of the bride and groom, blown up life size. Then the artist took 2 – 7 ft X 5 ft cardboards and painted 2 female bodies with short white strapless dresses on them with great looking shoes. Then we split the group into 2 teams (we had the 25 and under and 26 and older teams) and equipped everyone with paper lace doilies, tissue paper, glue, tape, a wand, a plastic rat (scabbers) and owl, a tiara, burgundy plastic tble clothes (for fabric for a cape) foil..just all kinds of materials to use to decorate/design wedding gowns Hogwarts or Potter-style. It was SO funny..the younger group did a more ‘hip’ version, giving the bride lightning bolt tattoo and shorter gown, while the older group did a more classic one. Their imagination was awesome! Then, when we were judging the results, another cardboard painting emerged of HARRY…with a guy carrying it and using his best British accent, weighed in on his thoughts about the design. They had written key phrases on the back of the board so he could use some really funny lines and words that all H.Potter fans would recognize.

      I have a butter beer recipe (with no alcohol) if you want it…actually go to ALMOST HOMEMADE on Food Network with Sandra Lee and search her recipes. It’s good, but, you only need to serve a small 6 oz glass to everyone. That was really it. It was just enough to make it thematic without it being juvenile. Hope this helps!

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