Why Kids Really Misbehave

Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and TODAY Show Contributor is providing a free webinar to eMeals community members today.   This is an exciting opportunity for our community to learn strategies and useful tools for a job we all hold very dear…Parenting.

After a successful Fortune 500 career in Sales Management and Training Development, Amy McCready retired to raise her two boys.  During this time Amy would find herself exhausted with a hurting throat at the end of the day and not because she was getting sick.  Her throat was sore from yelling all day.  It was at this point, Amy decided to find a better way to discipline her boys and stop yelling at the two she loved the most.

Amy dedicated herself to learning about Adlerian Psychology and Positive Discipline and eventually took the steps to become a certified Positive Discipline Instructor.   As she implemented what she had learned into her own parenting, her days became clearer, she was more relaxed and the environment became less stressful.  The boys responded to discipline in a positive manner and Amy’s knowledge and training transformed their lives forever.

Amy is the creator of Positive Parenting Solutions Online and the award winning The Breakthrough Course, author of One More Time, sought out speaker, corporate spokesperson and most importantly trainer.  Positive Parenting Solutions reaches over 6 continents and has changed the way people are parenting every day.

Please join us today at 2:00 EST or at 9:00 EST for the free webinar on “Get your kids to listen the first time…no yelling or nagging required”.  Sign up today at http://www.positiveparentingsolutions.com/emeals even 5 minutes before the webinar starts.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best.  eMeals will be there  and we would love for you to join us!

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